Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Don't look that word up folks. I made it up. And it's cool.

But I would like to talk to the class today about maintaining your goal weight. I can only speak for myself, but for those of you who have "arrived", feel free to chime in.

Life is much easier at the maintenance stage.

Let me rephrase. Maintaining my weight is much easier than actively trying to lose it. I was really worried about IF I was going to be able to maintain my goal weight. And for the most part, over the long has it been?...4 months?...I have fluctuate 3 pounds above or below my goal of 170. I pretty much eat whatever type of food I want. I just don't usually eat TONS of it. This week I am being a good bandster (I will get to that in a moment), but on my "normal" weeks, I may eat cheetos and oreos for breakfast, whatever for lunch, some candy, whatever for dinner. Might throw a few regular sodas in there as well.

I am not bragging. It's not always the healthiest choices. But it's real. Now, with that said, if I don't check myself once in awhile and eat good stuff consistently for a day or two, I am sure I would gain. But...I know if I go up a few pounds it's time to reevaluate and get back on track.

Working out saves me. I know it does. Working out is why I have a little "cush" if you will with my food choices. There is no doubt in my mind, if I hadnt built up my muscles, if I didnt burn at least 350 calories a day doing weights...that I would not burn as many calories just "idling". And trust me, I am not going to give you the "workout lecture". You know the one...because telling someone they need to work out is like telling someone they need to dump their jackass of a boyfriend (or girlfriend). Until someone is ready and makes the choice to do it...they aren't going to do it.

Now...I KNOW you are saying "but she's got Heather". And you are right. But I worked out before Heather. I certainly work out much harder, and better with her now. She is for sure my motivation that gets me out of bed in the morning and makes me push myself though. So maybe it takes finding your motivation. I rent Heather out just in case you are wondering.

But...I digress.

My point, which I have not made very well, is that maintaining takes work, but it's not hell. It's so funny to me now. I remember when having a candy bar, or one cookie, or a diet soda would have made me feel so guilty. Now...not so much. I know it's OKAY. Of course, I wouldn't have lost 120 pounds that first year if I had operated in that mentality that it's okay. Because when you are in the losing phase, and if you are in a hurry to get to a goal (as most of us are), then you do have to really work your band and be diligent.

But in the will be okay.

I ate two pieces of toast the other day with cinnamon sugar on them. Yum. And they went down with no problem. At my tightest, I wouldn't have been able to eat one. I ate some cereal with banana's for breakfast this morning. At my tightest, I couldn't eat cereal.

So, I could be tighter. But I don't want to be. And right now I don't need to be. And I hope this is the healthy progression of us with bands. I will always want and need my band, but perhaps we can learn to depend on it a little less once we are in maintenance?

SOooooo....with all that said. I have decided that would like to hover closer to the 160's than the 170's. Which mean I won't be eating oreos or cheetos for breakfast for awhile. I have added in a little cardio either before or after my circuit class. Monday and Tuesday I ran a quick mile, and today I ran two. I can keep a steady 10:45 pace, and today I ran the last half a mile at a 9:30 pace. I have also introduce *gasp* water back into my system. I am hoping it might also help with my complexion...since that's been a little lackluster as of late.

So there you go.

A real band related post.

Happy Wednesday loves!


  1. I doubt anything on you can be lackluster. Um...have I mentioned I love and miss you?

  2. Thanks for writing this. I am very close to goal and I don't know what I'll change when I get there. It is interesting to see how others are handling it.

  3. Nice post, Little Missy. I do look forward to getting to goal...hopefully by May!

  4. I will be soooo glad to finally be in maintenance whenever that happens. Sounds like you have got it down.

    As usual, smooches!!!

  5. What a great read. Gives me lot to think about. So very interesting...on many counts.

    Thank you for posting this!

  6. It's good to know that maintenance will be easier because the losing weight part definitely isn't easy - even with the band. I'm hoping exercise will get the scale moving faster.

  7. I was going to post a wonderful comment on your fantastic imagery. Your wonderful way with words and wisdom.

    But no. It was all ruined! Why? Because you are running RIGHTTHISVERYSECOND as fast as my goal. You are soooooo fast!

    Good Job AMY!

    I'm sorry. My brain rebooted and the meaningful intelligent comment was lost. I'll retrieve another one for you later.

  8. Totally agree with you, Ames! Maintaining is actually a lot easier than I thought. And, working out is a HUGE part of why. All the positive stuff just feeds on itself . . being lighter makes working out easier. . and makes it fun to dress up in cute workout clothes. .and makes it easier to see minor improvements in your body. . all of which is seriously motivating to keep me working out!

    I do kind of miss the losing phase though. I love how excited I got to hit 15 and 24 pounds down. . then 30 (and Onederland!!), then 50, 70 and 80. It was a big thrill to see those numbers, but I don't expect to hit another 10 pound mark. Still, it feels so amazing to wake up every day and feel my reasonably flat stomach and hip bones, so I am not complaining! :)

    Loved this post and really hope to catch up with you in person soon. xoxoxo

  9. Great Post!! Miss you girl! I am trying to get to my aspirational goal now..I swear I must be scared of maintaincvilleology lol I agree working out is so helpful..can you maybe post what you do for arm workouts so we can maybe attempt having a "GUN" show of our own? Love Ya!