Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Now Entering Phase 4: Operation Second Wind

Mmmmkay. So I was trying to be clever last night and was giving some thought to the idea of how to categorize the different phases of my lapbandtimeograph. (I just made that up...feel free to borrow).

So let us look at the phases I came up with.

Phase One: My first year (and my hitting my goal for that first year of 120 pounds down)
Phase Two: The time it took to get from my first year to my final goal to see 170 pounds on Mr. Scale.
Phase Three: Maintenance

and introducing the newest addition to the Phase channel..

Phase Four: Second Wind

So, I have been at or around goal for at least 6 months now. I have found that I can maintain my body weight by eating like a normal person and working out. And I am okay with where I am. Or I was...but now I am bored. Just a little. And just a little off track. So I have decided to make a new goal.

And I sit here afraid to type it.


Okay fine. I have set a new goal of 150 pounds.


A majority of you who are at goal picked a weight lower than mine. Several of you guys are there! So I got to thinking...why not? And in all honestly, I would be just fine at 160. But I think 150 is a nice stretch goal for me. The problem is...I don't know if that is where I want or need to be. I am sure I could "diet down" to 150. I don't know if I want to do what it takes to maintain 150. Heather is a bit concerned that 150 on me may be too thin.

So we shall see.

I am kind of looking forward to weighing on a regular basis again. I am looking forward to seeing a new size. To seeing what my body looks like a little less.

Here is the game plan.

Heather puts on a Biggest Loser competition for our organization twice a year. Starting January 4th, it will be Biggest Loser partners. My partner is Lisa, who at the moment weighs 170 pounds. The winning team is the team who has the highest percentage of weight loss at the end of three months.

I want us both to lose 10%. This should be enough to secure the title of WINNERS. In the past, several bigger people have won...but even last year the male winner only had a total weight loss of 7%. I like a little friendly competition. And both Lisa and I are good at running our mouths. So let it begin. This weekend I am loading up on salt and calories to pump the scale up a little on weigh in day. Cheating you say? Not so much (bc I have wind of others doing the same thing).

My plan of attack looks like this.

I am giving up pop/ least for the 3 months of the competition. Do you remember how good I used to be at drinking water? Do you remember when I gave up sunkist last year for months and months? I can do it again. And it will help.

I am will still lift weights at least 3 times a week (currently I do an hour 4-5 days a week), but I will also do at least 3 days of cardio.

I am revisiting some of my less than stellar eating habits. For example, I eat fast food A LOT compared to hardly NEVER during my first year of weight loss. This means I need to make sure I bring food to work for meals.

I am cutting back on unhealthy snacking at work. Grazing is, and will always be, a huge area of problem-os for me. So less grazing.

And since I am giving up pop, I might as well give up beer and sangria.


And that's about it. I am getting a fill on January 5th. I only had 2 last year total. And let's be honest...I don't have much restriction right now. So I am excited and a wee bit nervous to go back to restriction land.

So wish me luck. I will keep you posted...



  1. This is very exciting! I can't wait to see how this goes for you! I wish you the best of luck, now go kick some biggest loser butt!

  2. U can do it!! can't wait to see the results!

  3. Good for you Amy... I am already thinking about when I re-start the banding goals for myself!!!

  4. You can totally do it! I think 150 is totes doable too - you'll look hot as fuck, but it's not like you're saying 125 or something! I'm 150 these days and it feels great ;)

  5. You can totally do it, and I bet 150 will make you hotter, not waif-ish!!! GL!!!!

  6. it takes 6 hours 58 minutes to get to Walt Disney World from Pensacola. (probably 5 hours if you wear astronaut diapers). just sayin.

    your future ex-girlfriend.

  7. Ok, here's me wishing you luck.

    And here's me saying you are totally perfect right now. I might have to agree with Heather that 10 more pounds might be too thin. But I'll ride along and cheer you on in the meantime. And I'll pipe up if yer too skinny, later. You truly are amazing exactly as you are. I hope you know that.

  8. Okay. I am completely behind you on this, but you look fabulous and beautiful right now. I just hope we can still be friends when you are a supermodel.

  9. Well shitballs. 150 is my ultimate goal...maybe I'll race you. Love you.

  10. We need team Amy shirts to wear across the country!!!!

  11. Wow! I am excited for you and frightened for you at the same time... I know you can do it but will some of the weight you lose be your gorgeous happy smile or your funny bone? You can do this... and if you think 150 is too skinny... I can teach you how to gain back some, if you like.

  12. ooh ooh ooh, I want a team Amy shirt too!!

    But - you can totally do this - and if along the way you discover that it's too thin, or too hard to maintain - well - how phenomenal is it that the worst case scenario is that you stay or go back to the gorgeous, healthy self you are right this second!!! You go girl!

  13. Go Team AMY!!!! Three months... what goal can I reach by then????? Lots to think about for the New Year :o)

  14. Sounds like a plan, Stan! errr...Amy! haha

    Hell your plan sounds like a plan for me too. I think your new goals sound great. I need to give it a whirl too!

    Good luck. I know you will do it!

  15. I love you. This is what I needed to read. Good luck with Phase 4. I know you can do it. I am solidly in Phase 2 and ready to take the world by the horns.

  16. Rock star! Can't wait to see how Phase Four goes for ya :)

  17. Awesome! Can't wait to see how well you do (and steal some of your tricks and tactics)!

  18. I think that's a great goal. Especially to keep yourself motivated! You do such a good job of keeping all of us motivated! Happy New Year!


  19. You are a crafty, crafty gal. Good luck with the competition. You'll kick their asses!


  20. Good luck with the competition! If things are going as well as they have for you, it would be hard to know when it's time to "stop" so to speak. If it were me, I would hate to push myself to a point where I couldn't maintain and then I'd gain it back and feel lousy about myself...

  21. So, I am just catching up - I have been MIA for a little while...

    150 lbs! I know you CAN and WILL do it! This is a great phase!

    Basically I am thinking the same thing - my goal is currently is 170; which is so difficult for me to even picture. I hope that when I get there I will also get a second wind! <3

  22. with Linda that 10 more weight might be too slim. But I'll drive along and brighten you on meanwhile. And I'll tube up if yer too slim, later. You truly are awesome exactly as you are. I wish you know that.Gold For Runescape