Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vlogging Whilst Stuck


  1. LOVE IT! you managed me giggle once again! I hope you get un-stuck soon!

  2. me too me too! i want to be a mug person at work as well. sometimes i put water in mine that way people think i am cool but really i'm getting my h20.

    christmas starts at our house way early too. i am listening to christmas music this week at work.

  3. I hope you are unstuck by now!!! Maybe you need to hit the teabag aisle at the grocery. You can become the snobby tea mug person...I vote for Tazo awake with stevia and FF 1/2 and 1/2..good caffeine hit!

  4. Congrats on beating the Sunkist addiction! At least for now! All things in moderation. My thing is ice cream! I just found out about Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwiches. YUMMY! By the way, my blog comment 'word' is cyallin. Sounds like an artificial sweetener!

  5. LMAO - the hubby was in the room as I watched this so he heard it along with me (only I watched... get it?) and he laughed REALLY loud at "who does a vlog while stuck.. nobody.. nobody.." I asked if he was laughing at you and he said, "yeah, that was really funny!"

    Then a few seconds later he hears your sunkist talk and says "ohhh she's the sunkist girl!" LMAO... gee, I think I talk about my blog buddies a lot :D

  6. You're so freakin hot. Can you cut off your hair and sew it to my head?

    K thanks.

  7. You are so crack me up. You are absolutely right about the coffee mug.

  8. You trying to tell me something?? huh huh lol Ok I have it now... my vlog was long.. BUT on the other hand you also said it was profound.. who knew!! xx
    Good one from you by the way.. I'm sitting here STUCK too from a piece of blasted toast.. I ate too fast.. but like you, can feel it going down. .. sllloooowwwlly but damn it hurts.
    You are looking so good.. love the nails.. very 'hip'... oh look.. see, you don't need hot chocolate for that.. you can just flash your fingers around.

  9. Cara! I have been worried that what I said came out wrong...but I love that your vlog was long. I am just jealous bc I can't record one that long! I make the video with my little kodak and when I upload, that 2 minute video took like 20 minutes to upload! Your blog was profound...while I talk about sunkist, you inspire! And thank you...the nailpolish is a dark blue called Midnight Affair...oooh yeah!

    Tamara-thank you.

    Angie-you dont really want my hair! It's just my shampoo I am using! I had bought an expensive kind bc it smelled good and it was SO horrible! So I switched back to Herbal Essence for long hair and dang it's good!

    Tiffani-tell your husband he recognizes a great sense of humor! I also talk about my band buddies to Tracey all the time!

    Momma-skinny cows live in my fridge as well. Our favorite is the strawberry with the light colored "crust" part! YUM

    SouthernB-I TOTALLY tried to be the tea person once. I went and bought some, wanted a cute little kettle on my stove, thought it would be precious....YUCK! I dont like Tea at all! Damn!

    Nicole-sing along girl!

    Kristen- :) Glad I could make you giggle!

  10. LOOK HOW FREAKIN' THIN YOU'RE GETTING!!!! Your shoulders look so narrow, you beautiful thing. ;)

    Get the Swiss Miss No Sugar Added hot chocolate mix in the tub, use skim milk to make it good & creamy, and get some of those SF coffee syrups so you can have different flavors. Peanut Butter syrup makes a gooood Butterfinger hot chocolate, and Peppermint makes it nice & christmassy.

  11. i think i get stuck and don't know that i'm stuck. weird.

    also......i think we made the SAME hash brown casserole! i was JUST eating it as a leftover while i was watching your vlog and laughing!!! hahahaha!!!!

  12. I think you are hilarious - your blog is such a joy to read/watch. :-)

  13. You are so damn gorgeous Amy!! And then you layer on the funny and I love love love! Glad you're Sunkist free. I've been craving the DDP (Diet Dr. Pepper) lately but haven't done it yet. TOO scared!


  14. OMG, how hot do you look Miss Amy!! WOW.. gorgeous girl..
    xx Nene

  15. haha! what is that tapping in the background? lol! Congrats on the sunkist and taco bell can go to hell!

    haha! I think the coffee mug is adorable too! i guess we're both weird! the only coffee i like is way too fattening, so I go with homemade hot choc w/ cocoae, fat free milk, and a teaspoon of french vanilla capccino for the caffeine. OMG! so good! and just the milk and vanilla capaccino are good, just have to count those liquid calories!

    but yeah i love the huge round fat coffee cups from coffe shops, soooo cute!

  16. First of all- I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I just recently found it and read the entire thing from start to finish. Your story is inspirational and should turn your blog into a joke. Anyway I am planning on getting banded eventually and I am wondering why can't you drink diet soda? Does it cause your band to do something crazy? I can't believe that my one hesitation losing stupid diet coke!

  17. Merry Christmas to you, too! Too funny -- I was just lamenting this morning that I can't get a tree until after Thanksgiving!! My mother called this morning to tell me about all of the Christmas shopping she's been doing. We love us some holidays in my family!! :)

    Glad to hear you're doing better, and I enjoyed the vlog -- very cute coffee cup. I think it makes you look thinner, too! :) :)



  18. I LOVE Christmas too!!
    i have to tell you, you look FABULOUS!!!

    i hope your stuck episode didn't last much longer!!
    why oh why do we eat something we KNOW will get stuck....just hoping it won't happen THIS time! LOL

    oh least we don't eat as much as we would have BEFORE the band!

  19. Skinny Amy is rocking! I am with you on the mug thing, but I buy the crazy creamers and make coffee look like hot chocolate...I'm sure it's way too fattening. I've been MIA for a bit, work was crazy, so I'm catching up and Shan told me you had vlogged..had to find it first! Be unstuck! I'm waving my magic wand at you!!

  20. You look amazing!!! and you are soooo funny.
    I love reading your blog and listening to your vlog. Your attitude is great!!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you !!!

  21. I'll have to remember to not watch your vlogs at work anymore.....I was sitting at my desk laughing out loud! Thanks for the laugh though, I'm kinda having a crappy day!

    I must agree with everyone look awesome! Your hair is beautiful & I love the way your eyes sparkle when you talk! You look so thin (and tanned) in your shoulders! WAY TO GO! Keep inspiring us "Amy Wannabees" withy your witty vlogs!