Monday, November 9, 2009

Good and Sassy

If I could be a candy, I think that's what my name would be. Good and Sassy.

It's funny that I can usually get a feel for how someone's weight loss is going by the tone of their blog. You know what I am talking about. When the scale is our friend, we are usually more jolly! Sad. But True.

I just realized I havent blogged since Thursday! Shame on me. It has been a busy weekend. I thought I would give you a very organized update.

My Weight Loss
I have lost 14 pounds in the last 2 weeks. SAY WHAT! I know, I know...I can't get used to this. And I can tell you why it has been so good...

My Fill
Holy Peter Pan Tinker Bell, I have the perfect level of restriction. It is crazy amazing. I remember when I was binging on Taco Bell and watching Cara's vlog about how she doesnt really get hungry, etc...and I was secretly giving her the evil eye bc I was so jealous...I thought she was one of the lucky ones. But now I am too! I am pretty tight. What does that mean? I can still drink water the same way I always have (big gulps). But, I eat so little! And I am hardly ever physically hungry. Now, I still think about food...but even when I know it's dinnertime...sometimes I have to force myself to eat something.

Saturday is a great example. I ate one 60 calorie pack of animal crackers, one 130 calorie bag of popcorn...and finally 8pm came and I knew I had to try to eat something with substance so I tried to eat chili. For some reason that night (possibly eating too fast?) I only got 2 bites in and I was stuck. So I gave up. I did have hot chocolate later. But that was it. Not enough I know. Last night I was able to eat about 2 ounces of chicken breast and even some corn! That was exciting. For the most part, I stick to mushies or soups...and that leaves me satisfied. It is the craziest thing. Really it is.

Body Changes
Also good news...going from 235 to 220 has brought some welcome changes. My back fat know, the ones that live below the bra strap...have gone bye bye! Poof. I looked in the mirror this morning and thought maybe I was looking at the wrong angle...but really...they are gone. I will take a pic when I get home. There is still some soft flesh there, but the roll with the crease...TOODLES!

Last night I was laying on the couch with my head in Tracey's lap and he had his arm resting on my side. I noticed his elbow was really hurting me...and then I realized its bc it was hitting my ribs and I didnt have as much padding there as I used to!

So I have been in an 18 now for months. I while some 18's are starting to get loose, some 18's are still super tight. Well, I pulled out my under the bed storage container where my smaller clothes live. These include pants from 7 years ago, clothes my boss gave me, and clothes from Angie! Just for S's and G's, I tried them on! Butter my butt and call me a many of them fit! I have like 5 pairs of jeans now that fit! And its a good thing I tried them on bc they are on the verge...ya know? And Angie sent me the most beautiful dress from the Gap...never worn...and it fits too! I didnt have a bra on, or I would have taken a picture! I even tried on some size 16 jeans (with a little spandex in them) and I could get those suckers up and buttoned! But they looked real real bad! But STILL!

We have our tree up! Usually I wait until the day after Thanksgiving, I mean that is tradition right? Well...I am so homesick for fall and winter weather, that I am trying to bring the season on as early as possible! I love my Christmas tree. I love the holidays. Sitting in front of a lighted Christmas tree at night brings me peace. Tracey shot this video on his iPhone, and I just wanted to share!


  1. 14 lbs!!! Wow!!! That is truly impressive! You go! I can't wait until I can bid a fond farewell to my backfat. I'm in AZ so it's tough to get into the christmas spirit when it's still hovering around 90 but I'm gonna work on it! Happy Holidays! LOL.

  2. 14 lbs in two weeks - Awesome! This is why you are an inspiration to me (and countless others). You fall down - but you always get back up and kiss some arse! Death to Back Fat Rolls! You look fabulous in the video - Skinny Hot Mama! Oh, I also love the Christmas tree, lol!

  3. Since I have next week off, I plan on putting my Christmas decorations up early this year too. I just love the way sitting by the tree feels. I am even thinking of putting my tiny one from college in my bedroom this year. Congrats on the loss!

  4. You are inspiring me...and making me SOOOO impatient to get my band. 23 days and counting...


  5. Holy $%!# 14 pounds in two weeks. JEALOUS! I had to reschedule my fill because of Munich, but it's next Monday and I'm hoping that this next little bit puts me where you are. I noticed in your last vlog that you were looking mighty skinny. And OMG you only have 50 left to lose. That is so nothing in terms of what you've already done Amy. YOU ARE FANTASTIC!! xoxo Rock those 16 jeans lady. ;-)

  6. Your weight loss as a total has been amazing! My weight loss has been SO FRUSTRATING (can you guess my tone?! :)) lately. I'm hoping this SIXTH fill on Monday really helps. It's amazing what happens to peoples weight loss once they get that great restriction.

    You have also really made me want to put up my Christmas tree!

  7. Wow!! That is a really happy and wonderful post. Thank you for sharing the excellent news of how this band can truly work and make life simple.
    Don't forget your protein to stay healthy!!

  8. Amy~ Congrats on the huge weight loss! I can't wait to get to restriction, 2 fills and I'm still able to eat like normal. Ugh. You do look super thin in the video, love your christmas tree. Oh, and I know you know this, but you are so luck to have such a wonderful man in Tracey. :)

  9. Just so you know I will be referencing your great restiction with jealousy and maybe a little evil eye :) on my blog:

    Enjoy your restriction... I have zero and am on the verge of a taco bell attack! In all seriousness, you are such an inspiration!

  10. LOLs. Love it.

    Holy Crap AMY!!! 14 lbs in 2 weeks. You are the master!

    And I can totally agree with the evil thing re: reading/hearing about someone else restriction. I always worry I'll be the freak with 10 ccs who can eat a cow no problem. So it's soooo helpful to know you had your doubts, too.

    Oh and Jen's sooo right you look skinny in the video. Like skinny, skinny. Your face is so thin and angular we're gonna have to start calling Amy Angelina Workman Jolie Pitt.

  11. I'm so glad things are going so well for you, what a difference a fill makes! I've been considering putting up our tree, and seeing yours makes me want to even more!

  12. WOW! I can't wait for restriction! I have 4.5 in a 10cc band, and I can still eat alot. I always like to get Christmas up before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy it longer. (I put out three boxes of Christmas decorations yesterday.) BTW, your tree is Gorgeous, and thanks for my first Christmas carol of the season!

  13. Awww hell, did I rub it in when I was saying how I wasn't hungry and had great restriction??? I didn't mean too.. I just wanted others to know that it can happen.. if to me, then certainly to you (others.. not you..YOU)..
    It seems we have switched anyway, now I am lacking restriction (sigh..does this ever stay the same!!) and you have it.. which is awesome... 14 pounds is a major loss by anyones standards.. and OMFG!! The vlog of you with your Chrissy tree (beautiful tree by the way) you look SO DAMN SKINNY!!) Absolutely beautiful, Amy. Can't tell you enough.

  14. I'm floored by the 14 pounds, but I have to say I'm relieved to hear that you just now feel like you have restriction. It has been so elusive for me, so to hear you say with all your success, that you're just at a sweet spot now gives me a little glimmer of hope...

    BTW Brooke- I am the freak with 9.50 cc's and could eat a cow.

  15. Love the Xmas tree!

    You did it again -- proving you are the Band Rockstar! The way you pick yourself up after Taco Bell episodes and move right on forward is just awesome.

    I have 6 ccs now too. What a difference! But I am not going to match your 14 lb record!

    Congrats on all those NSVs too!

  16. 14 lbs!!! OMG!! I can't wait until I get banded and start my weight loss rolling. I lost 14.4 lbs in 11 days of Pre-Op Dieting (and still holding at that loss for another 2 days!), but holly cow, most of it was water weight!! Not actual weight weight like yours. I am totally impressed and jealous. LOL

    I love your Christmas Tree!! I am from Southern California, where unless you live in the Mountains, you RARELY see snow, so I don't know what it is like to miss the Season's change like you do, but I do love seeing the decorations and all of the lights lit up, etc.

    I would put up my tree and decorations now, but since we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house (exactly 1 wk after my Surgery I might add), I will wait until after Thanksgiving & put up our decorations.

  17. Love your "O Tannenbaum"... so cute! And wow - you are looking so darn good! I see such a difference in your face right now - amazing stuff Amy! Congrats on the weight loss - I'm plugging away - it'll come! Keep it up girlfriend, keep it up!

  18. 14 lbs is amazing! Great job! Keep up the wonderful posts!

  19. oh MY goodness on the weightloss! I feel like those 14 lbs came off w/o you even saying anything. sheesh! AWESOME! Oh omg yay on the backfat rolls, I can't wait to see a picture. You are doing fabulous! Still on mushies 2 wks after a fill? That's kinda awesome, awesome that you have that kind of restriction.

    In that video, are you knitting? I couldn't tell what you were doing, but I LOVED the song!

  20. You are so weird...LOL! Tree up already?! :) I haven't been able to get in the spirit the last several years, so this year we are serving the homeless on Christmas. Hopefully that will help me get over my ugh and see what really matters.

  21. hahah, Lacey-I would totally take offense to that...except it made me laugh and weird is my middle name...not really but wouldnt it be WEIRD if it was? hahahah...

  22. Liz-no knitting. I tried that once and got half way through a scarf and gave up. No patience for it and my scarf was all jankey!

    Yeah, softer foods work best for me now. I try to do something solid at din din, usually I can eat a little more by then and if I get stuck I am at home. I dont really mind the mushies though bc I am not really craving is very odd. But i will take it!