Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Does Your Train of Thought Have a Caboose?

So, once upon a time...very long ago (3 weeks), there was a princess who for the sake of this hypothetical fairy tell, fell off of her banded train. She was left with the other hobo's in a little tent city called Taco Hell.

Her demise started slowly enough. After achieving her 100 pound loss goal, Princess Amy went apeshit crazy. And taco hell was just the bordello to reside in! Princess Amy's evil stepsisters (that live in her head) told her..."hey chubbie girl! You should reward yourself for all your hard work? Why don't you eat this apple?" It wasn't really an apple was a poisoned apple...also know was a BlackJack Taco!

This began a mudslide of forest-fires-followed-by-torrential-rain- in-Californiaesqe proportions. Bad tacos, nom nom nom.

Until one day, her Fairy Godmother, also known as Dr. Friedman, came with his magic wand, also knows as a needle, and tightened her little Tina right back up. *POOF* All better. Ta Ta tent city of Taco Hell!

So, 14 pounds lighter and feeling good and sassy, Princess Amy was at precipice (situation of great peril). For a moment, she thought about digging out the clearance Halloween candy she has stored for Christmas. I mean come on...she was 14 pounds down...she can indulge!

But she didn't! She has stayed focused. Listen to her body and not the voices in her head!

And she lived happily ever after...

or at least for this week...

The End


  1. You made me smile, and you write very well. Oh, btw... I did two VLOGS and mentioned you and you didn't comment :P

  2. This is the best story EVER! Congrats on staying away from the candy and the great loss! Color me jealous girl!!

  3. I love your posts. You are such an inspiration.

  4. Love how you keep everything so interesting on your blog :-). Good job Princess for staying away from the evil candy!!!

  5. Yay Princess Amy!!! Do you remember what you told me to tell Mean Sarah??? And I quote...

    "Shut Mean Sarah up. She is just cranky bc there is so much less fat these days to feed her! ... pretty soon, you will not be a big girl at all. Keep it up! You are doing this!"

    Well, Princess Amy can kick Mean Amy's ass ANYTIME! Keep it up girl, keep it up!

  6. LMAO....your so silly.

    Although true!!! After I hit my 100lbs I went crazy with the Halloween candy!!!!! now my little fairy [Dr. Lord] has waved his magic wand and Im all better!!! :o)

    I dont know if you saw one of my status updates on FB yesterday, I went into the break room and there was 6 freakin boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and this was an hour before my Fill I littirally grabed my Protien shake and RAN OUT!!! so bad.

  7. GOOD conquers bad once again! I think you will be richly rewarded...sooon! :) Thinking of you and your family and hope all looks better soon.

  8. Ahh I love a fairytale with a happy ending! Go Princess Amy - banish that bitch stepmother once and for all xx

  9. Princess Amy rocks. I love love love your have such a gift for writing and giving us a good chuckle.

  10. Hilarious! I read your blog from beginning to end the other day... it got me through the question of "should I get lapband or not". Surgery is in 8 days! Thanks for your insight and humor!

  11. Go Princess Power!!!!

    So glad you passed on the Halloween candy. You're doing great and blowing my mind with that 14 lbs.

    BTW, I am obsessed with xmas decorations now thanks to you! I am squirreling away cash for my christmakuh extravaganza and I am seriously considering setting up the tree soon.

  12. Lol, you crack me up! Fabulous story telling and I'm thrilled for you that you've had a good week!! :)

  13. "How loose is your caboose?" *shakin' mah butt!*