Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sometimes My Brain Hurts

Too many thoughts...must relieve pressure:

1. There is a movie out in limited release called Precious. The star of Precious is Gabourey Sidibe. And this is a picture of Gabby.

The other day I read a quote (and forgive me Gabby if I don't get it right), but it went something like this..."People are saying that I got this movie and now I am fabulous. The truth is, I was fabulous and THEN got this movie". That's what I am talking about! If you get a chance to see her in interviews, she is honest and candid about her weight. She doesn't claim to "love being big", and is realistic about the health implications. If she beats me to Oprah though....oooh...I will be hot!

2. Even at 219 pounds, I can feel my port pretty good. I can't see it under my skin, but I can feel it with much more ease! Amazing what less fat around the belly will do for you. I wonder if when I am 108 pounds I will be able to see it....

....just kidding....I was seeing if you were paying attention. I will never weigh 108 pounds!

3. Speaking of my port, I almost thought I had a port sprain (not a real term, I just made it up). The other evening Tracey and I were...um...dancing....and our dance moves included the arm of the couch and a handstand of sorts...and it hurt my port!

4. I clearly do not believe in TMI.

5. I may...MAY...have found a very close runner up to Sunkist. It is a tasty diet soda (pop). Pictured here.

6. Things that have become normal 10 months after being banded: My hair and my poop. My hair loss started slowing down about 2 months ago. It started growing back in before that. It is healthier now then it has ever been! My poop is nothing like preband, when I was consuming extra value meals at every turn. But by normal, I mean the new normal. Maybe every couple of days...and not very much. It doesn't concern me anymore.

7. I didnt lose any weight last week. I try to keep in mind that I lost 7 pounds a week, 2 weeks in a row. Funny thing is...I didnt really do much different in the 7 pound loss week and the zero pound loss week. Such is life with the band.

8. I did it. I summoned the courage to go into Victorias Secret and buy some undies. Size XL. Yes, even Amy gets fat fear petrified (again, not a real term). But, I define it as when you let Fat scare you from doing something. I just get worried that when I go into a store with skinny girls working, they will look at me and say "Uh uh big girl....Lane Bryant is across the way!" But part of getting my mind right is realizing, I am not as big as I used to be and things are actually starting to fit! So I bought 5 for $25. And now it is official....I never have to go into Lane Bryant again!

9. One of the things that has NOT decreased with my decreasing weight is my facial hair. I had such high hopes! I didnt start getting facial hair until I started really packing on the pounds. And the hormones are wickity wack with extra fat...so I was hoping that as I got thinner, my grandma whiskers would go away. But hey, maybe with the next 50?

10. I need a nap.

11. I will be cooking a turkey for the first time this Thanksgiving. Thank God I have Tracey bc I make him stick his hands up the birds but and pull out the gross things. He's a dad ya know? Once you are a parent you can do gross things like that. Also, you wipe boogies with your bare hands!

K, ladies...that is all I have for you today. I will hopefully be able to vlog for you this evening. I am trying to think of a costume to wear or something...


  1. you are hilarious. dancing. handstand. HA!!!!!

    i worry about feeling my port. I worry about doing crunches or bending over something and feeling uncomfortable.

    what do you do about facial hair? do you wax or bleach? my sister had really bad facial hair (ever since a prescription drug accident) and got it lasered off.

  2. ooo I saw her on Tyra last week, she was so inspirational to listen to.

    That soda looks delish, I need to find some!

    Congrats on going to vickies, I knew you would be fine fitting into their undies, but I understand fearing the looks you might get.

  3. I needed that laugh today! I had to read the ..um...dancing thing twice but I caught the 108 the first go around! My hair continues to fall out and feels thin and has a different texture to it in my opinion. Port...site still hurts, I still feel in here and there, hoping it will go down some more. Thanks for sharing! ;-)

  4. Missed you! Hope all is well in your home... and I did catch the 108 and thought "you go girl!"... :-)j

    Oh - and i feel my port all the time - subconcious maybe - I keep checking to make sure it is there... lol

  5. My Facial hair hasnt gone away either. :o( I wish it would. I went to Victoria Secrets this weekend too!! I went on Sunday.

  6. I think the facial hair probably won't change until you are at a stable weight for a while? That is my guess anyway.

  7. My first thought was, damn she'd look sick at 108! lol
    I love the dancing with handstands, you go girl! Grrrrrr :-)
    Can't wait for the vlog, I need to do a singing one soon.

  8. Bahahahah- dancing with headstands!!! Whoa I am trying to picture the mechanics of that and... I can't, but am very, very intrigued.

    I caught the 108 the first time and I thought, HOLY, when Amy W commits to something she does not joke around.

    I'm excited to see Precious, too.

  9. I almost broke the arm on a couch "dancing" like that once...be careful!! I understand the port pain, mine is killing me all the time. Congrats on the shopping trip too! Also if you are doing a turkey for the first time, 1 word Brine....makes all the difference in the world.

  10. Dancing huh?? Hmmm, An interesting way of putting it, and sounds like you're getting very flexible with it too.. lol.. luv it.

    You guys have so much variety with everything from food, to drinks to plus size clothes, shopping outlets, etc etc, the list could go on. That diet soda looks good (well the can does)..
    Congrats on the Victoria Secret purchase. Oh dear, i really do think that if I ever came to the U.S I would need a HUGE pocket full of cash. I would just go crazy spending.

    I too can feel my port easier, I gross everyone out and get them to feel it. They often ask if it is uncomfortable.. Funny.. But I guess I probably would have thought that before too. I just think of mine as my magic button. Although, my other magic button is much more fun and feels better when pressed.. LMAO.. oh dear..
    Cant wait to see your vlog..
    xx Nene

  11. Hey Ames,
    Such a lot going on in your little head x One of these days, I'm going to hunt down a Vic Secret store and get something from there. I hear you girls talk about it all the time but I have never been in one. Might become my life mission.
    Sorry you hurt your port. I still can't feel mine standing up, but laying down I can..like a hard knobby thing under the skin.. (ooh that sounded a bit.. um.. well.. ok.. next subject.)
    My hair is giving me the shits right now too. It has lost whatever thickness it had and feels like baby hair - hate it! Cant decide if it wants to curl or be straight and well.. must be male.. stroppy bugger of a thing.
    PS Look into laser for the facial hair thing. Zap it at the roots - it might take a bit of time but should banish it forever.

  12. FYI on the diet sierra mist with the cranberry splash. It is my FAV!!!! I found it last year and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but....it is a SEASONAL product. After Christmas it goes bye-bye....so make sure to stock up. There is also one with a splash of grapefruit juice but it isn't as good.

  13. I never understood why Victoria Secret couldn't have a plus
    section.. Or all the cute stores for that matter! (guess tent size underwear aren't pretty enough)
    anyhow congrats Amy!! That is one of my goals also, to get my butt in some sexy panties. (I hate that word.)
    Good luck with the turkey! Hope everythings well with Tracey's son.

  14. Amy.....you CRACK me up. i literally sit at work and read your blog and coworkers walk up and ask why i am laughing. and i giggle and say...oh its just amy, you wouldnt understand! By the way....with the facial hair....i didnt see mine until i was at my heavier weight...and its like it wants to throw a party and never leave! i have the luxury of laser hair removal (the office my sister works at has a salon attached and i get a discount)....and it makes it a lot more bearable! ive had a few treatments and it doesnt hurt at all. i have 2 foot tattoos, so i know some pain! you should def look into it! anyway...you are looking fabulous and i'm glad you passed on the lipstick...my mom showed it to me and yikes! no beuno!

  15. handstands and dancing...now there is a combination! LOL...great to hear that you can now buy VC knickers....I can't wait for the day where I can buy a sexy knickers or even knicker/bra set, I have never owned a set before....

    My doc still can't feel my port, so I don't think I could!

    Good luck with the Turkey
    Love ya xx

  16. dancing and hand stand on the couch arm? wow! i laughed out loud!!!! or LOL! you're too funny. omg, wait, i just got scared. the port will affect my sex life? geez! i have no sex life but I'm not stoked about it doing that. I guess it just depends on how much you twist and turn and use your core! good for you for getting into that position in the first place! and yay for tracey! hope all is well w/ his son!

  17. You crack me up! With the turkey - rub it down with LOTS of butter and stick half a stick to melt next to it for basting(not the healthiest but makes it oh-so-juicy!) Your thoughts never cease to entertain!

  18. Hilarious about the - um - dancing!! Now I know why you almost always seem so happy!!

    Also -- congratulations on finding a new love to replace Sunkist! That is awesome!

    And, don't worry about cooking T-day dinner. It's a super easy meal to do -- the trick is to get as much of the prep done ahead of time. Also, write out how long everything takes to cook and make a timeline for yourself. (OMG, I am so anal. . but this really helps! You don't want half the stuff to be ready before everything else!)

    I was thinking this morning about how many things I have to be thankful for this year -- your hilarious blog and encouragement are going on that long list to be sure! :)


  19. Amy, you always make me smile :), well almost always anyway! The facial hair I thought was due to my age, but now that I think about it, I didn't really have it until I became so over weight. My DH said that in the future, I could look into getting it lasered it away!

  20. Amy! Thanks for the laugh :) I agree with you on #4...I don't believe in TMI also even though I dont think I have let that side of me come out on my blog yet! Also #8 I cant wait to go into Victorias Secret and buy some sexy lingerie! Although Im grateful for big girl stores like Lane Bryant...Im sick of their "grandma" underwear! Im ready for the little sexy stuff :) Hope your doing well!! Sounds like you are!!

  21. I love the cranberry sierra mist free. It's da bomb!

  22. hi there, again...
    another question i have...i was thinking that after band we couldnt have the carbination of a soda...is this not true...im so confused.... i would kill for a diet dr. pepper but not sure i could have it.... please help me!

  23. Hi Anonymous! Well, here is the deal about carbonation. Most doctors say no. it is on MY doctors naughty list (the one he asks when i visit) Like "Are you snacking?" "Are you drinking carbonated drinks?" Stuff like that. Some doctors don't care. I would never assume to tell you not to listen to your doctor.

    For some bandsters carbonation gives them an upset stomach feeling. It doesnt do jack to me. I did ask my doctor about liquids once, and he said they go right down. So, I dont know how much I buy into the thought that it can bubble in your pouch and cause your pouch to stretch. MAYBE if you had food blocking your hole...but I think that would be a pretty big maybe.

    I personally think they tell us no carbonation bc it's just not good for us. When I drink my pop (soda) I drink a lot less water, pee a lot less, snack a little more...you know...it just doesnt do much to help me reach my goal.

    If you are still a little leary, I would ask your doc next time you see him WHY you cant have a diet pop once in awhile. Maybe he will have a valid reason...or maybe he will wink at you and tell you okay...ONCE IN AWHILE!

  24. I just read your blog from beginning to end, and I'm eager for more! You are beautiful and funny and such an inspiration! I want to sit here and write a novel about how much I've enjoyed your pictures, comments, and witty remarks, but dirty dishes call me. Besides, it might be weird to you since you've never heard of me.

    Thanks so much for your honesty and TMI through your whole process. I am considering having LapBand surgery done -- I go for my seminar Saturday morning, and I've joined LBT to learn more about what it's like to live with a LapBand. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I'm so glad that I did, as I've learned so much from you. You have become my LapBand role model!

    Please post more information about Corey. I'm really wanting to hear how he's doing -- and hoping that all is well with him. Your post about him really touched me.

  25. Diet Cherry 7-Up rocks too! Just so ya know!