Thursday, November 19, 2009

Has The Universe Pooped On You Lately?

I hope not.

If it is, you can get under my umbrella--eh eh eh---under my umbrella ella ella (I was singing the Riahanna song).

I know some of you are having a week from hell. And I wish I could hold your hand and give you little Eskimo kisses until you feel better. But, all I have to offer you is my ear and hopefully some chuckles.

I am TRYING to post a vlog. As promised, the other night I went home and recorded a 5 minute vlog! OH MAN IT WAS GOOD! I was telling jokes, shucking and jiving, zigging and zagging. I had almost beat the vlog holder recorder for longest vlog (currently held by Cara I think...) But guess what? I "shoot" my vlogs on my little kodak camera, and when I upload a 2 minute vlog, it takes at least 30 minutes. Well, this 5 minute vlog never will upload. Seriously, I let it upload overnight! Nothing. I tried again at work for like 7 hours....NOTHING.

SOOOO, I will not let electronics rule me! I have decided to film three, count them, three vlogs. It will be fun. It will be a mini-series....of AMY! So, I will film them probably tomorrow night. Are you on the edge of your seats? It is a toss up between seeing New Moon or seeing my vlogs? I thought so.

On the eating front....

uh oh....

Amy bad.

I have been going a little silly this week. Eating when I am not even CLOSE to hungry. It is a cycle thing with me. And by cycle I mean my brain, not my monthly visitor to Lady Station. That's okay. I will regain control and be back on track soon enough. I tried to eat a black jack taco today. You know, the one I ate like 4 of before this last fill. Turns out, I could only eat about 3.5 bites today before I PB'd them for an hour! Thumbs up Tina. Thanks for doing your job!


  1. its me again...carbonation
    also known as Mindi...
    I read your blog every day! You inspire me... i was banded in April and i am at a 90 pound loss with still so far to go i feel like! But you inspire me so much! Thank you for your humor and your honesty! I wanted to know what exercise you do and how often you do it.... i am getting so bored at the gym but i know i have to go or it will never leave my body ( the fat that is)
    anyway..thanks for the encoragement and fun that you have.... i look forward to reading your blog daily!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind and encouraging comment. I was thrilled to see you had visited! And a comment? OMG! You can bet I'll be in touch with questions galore after my seminar on Saturday.

    Looking forward to your vlogs!

  3. Im glad that Tina is doing its Job...[I still have yet to name my friend] But she is doing her job for me too! I tried to eat some nachos from taco bell last night and only got about 5 down before I was FULLLLLLLLLL. Ive GOT to slow down and think about chewing its really not a good thing now because of this level of restriction is kicking me when Im not chewing! but I thank god that I have the restriction I have. [p.s. I sent you an email about some pants] Have a fun and Happy weekend and I cant wait to see your vlog! :o)

  4. Way to go Tina!!! Slap that Amy into line.. but dont be too harsh in dealing out those PB's.
    AMY- Now dont stress on the eating thing at the moment.. Its that festive time of year, and we all think about food.. it's just in the air. I will admit, with the restriction that I have at the moment, I might find myself a little pissed at xmas, when I cant tuck in to all the good foods like everyone else.
    But, with everything you have going on in your life at the moment, perhaps it more a form of comfort eating. Times are tough, and please let Tracey know that his son is in many people prayers.. Heck, I dont even go to church, and dont consider myself religious in any way.. But Imma gonna pray for this boy..
    ♥ You
    xx Nene

    Cant wait to see your blog, do some dancing and carry on, like your long one that will remain a mystery to us all..

  5. lol I saw a post by Jen about carbonation and immediately thought of you. That was good news, huh.
    And what is it about this eating around our band? Seriously... it's really starting to piss me off. I do great for the first 2/3's of the day and then go seriously downhill. Seems you and me are both in the same poopy puddle. Argh!!
    PS How is Tracey's boy doing? I was thinking about him the other day. Update? Ta

  6. Looking forward to the vlog! Dancing on the couch - you adventurous girl! I do feel my port, especially when I'm sleeping on my stomach. I agree with you that the smaller we get - is it going to be really obvious?

  7. Amy,
    I came across your blog,a few weeks ago and I have to say you have done such a Great Job with your "Tool"! I love that your band has a name "Tina".... Love It. I'm trying to come up with a special name for mine.???
    I was banded in October, and I'm down about 20lb so far..... 70lb more to go.:)
    I wanted to let you know you realy inspire me. You are so funny and honest... you keep it real... I think you should write a book.
    Congratulations on all of you successes!
    Angela Clarke

  8. I am totally skipping New Moon for your vlogs! Don't keep me hanging!! :)

  9. W2G Tina!
    I just ate at Taco Bell about 30 minutes ago..what a devilish place it really is! I am not banded yet though so I can eat way too much there!! ugh
    Can't wait to see your new always make me laugh!
    As this is why I am your follower ;)

  10. aww that tina pulled through for you :) show that taco who's boss, tina!!

    i'd pick your vlog over anything, chica! love em!

  11. Amy, I so look forward to your posts, you just sparkle! I look forward to your mini-series. Thanks for sharing your umbrella, it made me smile. :)

  12. Now if I stay home from seeing New Moon tomorrow night to watch your blogs and they aren't there....tsk tsk tsk :P
    I'm glad Tina did her job, but I'm sorry you pb'd I hate that with a passion. One day I will get to that kind of restriction:::sigh:::
    It has been a rough week and you have been there like no one else has and without your support I'd still be super lost and sad. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. HUGS!

  13. Hmm thought I posted a comment on the last blog but clearly it didn't work. Stupid wordpress/blogger thingo. Anyhoo, glad your band is doing her job even if it was causing you to PB right? Good luck with the vlogs!

    Em :)

  14. I TOTALLY need your umbrella right now, so thanks so much for sharing! The universe has been suffering with diarrhea around me lately. BUT, things are all better now that I have gotten my daily dose of Amy. :)

  15. But Amy, remember, if the universe poops on you in the form of a bird...that is good luck!!!

  16. Amy- I heart your blog! Can't wait to get home and see your vlog- I heart those too!!
    Have a great Friday!

  17. Save some room under that umbrella for me too!