Friday, January 16, 2015

Tough Mudder 2015 Redefined | Official Video

In less than two months, Tough Mudder will open there race season right here in Pensacola*.  It will be our 4th Tough Mudder, our fourth headband, and the fourth time our team Gunz & Glutes will finish this race.  After our second Tough Mudder in Atlanta, I took the post-race survey and expressed my feelings of disappointment, because it seemed that had made the obstacles too easy and were skimping on the obstacles themselves.

Well, I guess you should be careful what you ask for, because obviously they listened to me (they probably sat around their brainstorming table and actually said things like "Amy Workman said in her survey"...and "Amy Workman is so pretty that we should make this obstacle for her"...)because they have added 10 new obstacles and upgraded 10 old obstacles.  It appears they have included more obstacles involving supporting your own body weight, which could lead to doom and despair for this thick bottomed girl, as supporting an estimated 179 pounds can prove daunting.  But I am still pretty excited nonetheless.
The original Funky Monkey Obstacle.  Our first race I made it about 4 rungs in.  Now, I make it all the way across.
Heather is the only person I know who runs through hot wires with her tongue out, smiling.

Some of you may have no desire to pay over $100 to travel over 11 miles, get electrocuted, swim in an ice bath...and get that.  I do.  But some of you may actually want to do an obstacle course one day...but think you can't.  Of that you aren't ready.  But I will tell you that Tough Mudder, which is NOT a timed race, which is not a competition with just one winner at the end, can be accomplished.  Yes, being able to jog at least a little will help...but you could walk the entire course if you wanted. Yes, being able to do monkey bars and crawl in mud can help, but you can walk past an obstacle if you don't want to try it.  You aren't penalized.  No one makes you do burpees as punishment (Spartan race likes to punish you).  And the real point of Tough Mudder is to work as a team.  To realize you can do more than you think.  True, you only earn a headband and one beer at the end...but it's a pretty awesome accomplishment.  When my niece finished the Nashville Tough Mudder, it was an amazing feeling for ME.  I was so proud of her. 
 Midrace selfie
Earning her first headband.

So, if it is something you want to do.  Go for it.  Signing up for a race is a great motivator.  Finishing the race is a great motivator as well. 

Kaity coming out of the Artic Enema.  This is my least favorite obstacle.  Your body is in shock.

Fire in the Hole.  Heather holding her nose.  Sooooo tough.

Our friend Beau.  Beau works with computers.  Can you tell?  Sometimes Beau tries to help and lift me over obstacles. doesn't ever workout.
The toe-touch off of Walk the Plank.  


  1. I don't know if it's the music or the testimonials, but that is a VERY effective advertisement. It makes me want to sign up for tough mudder lol.

  2. You are now (and have always been) a rockstar!

  3. holy shitballs. That stuff be crazy! Bet you didn't think you'd be doing that back in 2009! Amazing girl!

  4. Is that beer?! THAT IS BEER! I'm there.