Wednesday, January 14, 2015


 I did it.  I bought some workout leggings.  I got these little babies at the Under Armour outlet over the weekend.  I've been THINKING about trying full length leggings, however, I wasn't sure I could commit.  While I regularly wear capri length "leggings" to workout, just adding that extra 6-8 inches of fabric to complete the full pant leg look, kinda makes me feel that my legs go from short and thick to short, thick, and Turkey Leg.  Seriously...look at that picture.  It's kinda a big, juicy, delicious turkey leg no?  Like the kind you get a the fair?

Regardless, I bought them because they made the size 0 butt on the manikin look poppin', so I felt confident they would accentuate my trunk in all the right ways.

Now. Because the fit model for these leggings must have been 6'1" tall, I have to tuck or roll the bottom of these suckers.  You can't really notice...but I know the truth.  And then what's weird is...I fell kinda naked in them. I don't really feel naked when I prance around in my capri length workout pants.  But the final verdict...mama digs.  Mama likes. The ooonnnnllly problem is, while they look kinda precious in this picture, once I throw on my Nike Pegasus sneaks, that are sort of orthopedic looking in nature, I feel like it once again reverts to potential Turkey Leg stuck in an Orthopedic Shoe.

Oh well.  Such is life.

In other musings, I sent Rachel this text earlier (while I was eating an order of nachos in my car over lunch break...true story):

"Doesn't it ever make you sad that no matter how much we work out, we will always have cellulite"?

I mean.  It's kinda a bummer.  Can you imagine how much people WOULD workout if it did get rid of cellulite and stretchmarks?  Man!  Gym memberships would be through the roof.  I will tell you, although I am pretty sure it is scientifically impossible, that my  secret wish and hope is that if I get really big glute and hammie muscles, some of the cellulite will go "diminish".  

A girl can dream.

But for right now, I try to pretend it's not there.  

And just like Rachel said: "But honestly, if anyone can rock their cellulite like it's SUPPOSED to be there, it's us."

Amen sister.  Amen.


  1. You have the body I dream to achieve. I know that may be hard for you to swallow, but it is the truth. Keep working and I will too!

  2. I am glad you are back too. You start my day with a smile, or thoughtful reflection. Rock the Casbah!