Friday, January 16, 2015


I am lucky enough to be on a patient advisory council for Apollo, the maker of the lap-band.  Late last spring, we were able to get a sneak peek of their new ad campaign, and this video.

I cried the first time I saw it.  I just watched it again and began to tear up in the first few seconds.  Weight loss, regardless of how you achieve it, can bring so many beautiful moments.  Moments that a lot of people take for granted.  I have shared stories with you of seatbelt nightmares on airplanes, of finding my collarbones, on fitting into a dress or pair of pants for the first time.  It's amazing when the person you love can wrap their arms all the way around you.  It's amazing when you body begins to transform into an athlete.  I know for many of you reading, you don't have the lap-band.  Some of you, some of my skinny friends who just read my blog because you love me, may not relate as much to this video.

But I do.

I gets it.


  1. I cried too! This is what it is about, life fitting.

  2. Awesome video... showing off all of the NSV's people experience when losing weight in general. I had the lapband, but didn't lose much... I am a little over 2 months out from my revision to the sleeve, and I am finally experiencing some of these moments.

  3. Beautiful video... unfortunately reoperation is not 'rare'. It's pretty common. I will never tell anyone NOT to get banded, because it truly changed my life, but I really do wish more people thoroughly researched. I wish I had...

  4. Argh! Hollee, I had typed the longest response ever and then blogger ate it! I hate it when that happens. I am going to save the response for a blog post the other day...but I do agree with you that people should do their research and I was very lucky to have an awesome doctor who let me know both sides of the coin.

  5. That is what I always wanted. To fit. Thank you for sharing.