Monday, March 11, 2013

What If The Lapband Had NO RULES?

Whilst in Phoenix meeting with Allergan, the most wonderful thing happened.  There is a gentleman, we shall call him Fern (basically because his name rhymes with Fern and it sounds funny), who is key, if not paramount, to the invention and marketing of the Lapband.  He is passionate about it.  He is really fantastic to listen to.  Some of us on the council requested that we could be provided or discuss some of the studies behind the lapband.  For a girl who does not like math or stats, I do love a study and numbers put into terms for my little old brain.

And he provided just that.  Hopefully, we will be getting access to some of those easy to read charts and slides so we can share with you.

But until then...back to the best moment ever.

Vern was talking about when Allergan sells the lap-band, that whatever new company buys it (we were calling it NewCo just for fun), that it will be a chance for NewCo and lap-band to start fresh. 

And one of the things that will change....?


You know...rules like no drinking with straws.  No fizzy drinks.  No drinking 30 minutes before or after...and on and on.

You know...the rules that make every doctor's office different.  The rules that some successful bandsters live by and preach as the gospel.

Well, Fern said that a couple of guys (including him)  and a couple of doctors kinda made up those rules when they created the lap-band.

And seriously, I thought a few of the bandsters in the room were going to pass out.  LapbandGal held strong though.  She didn't panic.  But some did. 

They had shaped the last 3 plus years of their losing and success around the rules.  If there were no rules then what was left? 

I was smiling and nodding, bc you know "the rules" have also been a loose structure for me.  And I consider myself pretty successful. 

What it really comes down to is.  You have to find the rules that work for YOU.  You should listen to your doctor's rules.  If you question them, then ask him about it.  But for each of us, we are all very different.  Some people need structure in my life.  I mean, following the rules is CLEARLY working for LapbandGal.  She has maintained below goal for a very long time!  But it's okay if you aren't perfect. 

I think so many of us have the all or nothing mentality.  And for some of you, you may start off this journey with an impending sense of doom that "this might not work either" (which is a whole other post entirely) as soon as you slip up, you might give up.

Don't give up. Find your stride.  Note what your RULES are.  If you can't find your stride, look at what works for the "losers" in the community. 

Happy Monday friends.  I am going to go finish my water now...with a straw.  And then I might eat some blackberries, and drink some water before my 30 minutes is up!


  1. This is true for my VSG surgery, too. I've lost all my excess weight and I am fairly loose with "the rules." However, I have had some weight creep back on (I would like to think it is all muscle with all the exercise I do now, but that's probably not realistic) and I've been thinking about the rules and what I need to reincorporate (and not) to continue maintenance. Thanks for the thought-provoking post this morning!

  2. lol...with your straw...less than 30 min...bahahaha

  3. Just catching up! That is funny -- I suspected that doctors just made this stuff up!

    Here are the rules I follow:
    1. Chew chew chew.

    2. Do not drink carbonated drinks, especially not during or just prior to eating. (SO uncomfortable.)

    3. Don't eat just before bed (total reflux situation).

    4. Work out 2-4 times a week.

    5. Make good food choices more often than not.

    That's it. I drink coffee, use straws, and drink during my meals.

    P.S. You are beautiful, inside and out. I'm sorry to read about that terrible day you had and your feelings of doubt. You can't compare yourself to someone else without factoring in the inside, too. Pretty sure no mere photo of you really conveys how many people you've inspired, helped and supported.

  4. The only rule (of my surgeon) that I follow 100% is to not swallow pills > tic-tac whole. While I'm not really sure that pills are a problem (as evidenced by a lot of bandsters who swallow big vitamins), I really never wanted to test getting stuck with a pill since my closest fill/unfill place is 400 miles away.... and I never wanted to face my surgeon with a stuck pill. I also don't drink while eating (except wine) not because of the rules, but because it doesn't work for me.

  5. Love this post and information! I have felt that way for a long time but know some people who are much more successful than I, so who am I to question their rules? Awesomeness. I'm not good with rules either and I know what works for me. Catherine pretty much summed up my personal rules. Carbonation is the enemy. I still can't figure out the best way to make champagne flatter - any ideas?
    Anyway - love your post, and you are INDEED inspiring! Count me as one inspiree! PS. My grandma's name is FERN. Fern Adele Salmon - what a name huh??

  6. And now I am obsessed with figuring out what male name rhymes with Fern. Mern? Nern? Swern? Pern?


  7. OMG NEVERMIND. How did I skip through the Vern part?