Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dancing Trolls & Password Changes

Many moons ago, when I was a young buck-ette (I guess that would be a doe), I was prescribed Ambien.  I am not one of those people who just fall asleep at bedtime.  Heather give me a night-night kiss, say I love you, spoon me...and that's it.  Lights out for her.  I will just be laying there, hearing the dogs licking their paws, thinking and thinking.  My brain doesn't shut off.  THEN, when I do fall asleep, I will wake up a gagillion times.

ANYWAYS, back in the day, Ambien made me hallucinate.  Not in a bad way really, but my Doc had told me to take it about 45 minutes before bedtime, and are supposed to take it go to bed right away.  Because if not...your brain goes cray-cray.

A few things that happened, in no particular order:

1.  I was pretty sure the basement of my townhouse, where my computer was, was full of spirits that disappeared every time I tried to make eye contact.

2.  My best friend Lisa and I would be talking on the phone (she lives in Seattle, I in Kansas at the time), and then I would be so confused where she went because I thought she was on the bed with me...not on the phone.

3.  Once, there were tiny dancing trolls on my curtain rod.  They were UH-DOREABLE.

4.  My dog likes to lick me.  Which I do not like.  Well, I let him lick my face repeatedly bc I thought he was King of a magical land and he was anointing me.

Seriously.  I am not making any of that up.

Well, upon reporting these happenings to my doctor...he stopped prescribing them to me.  Saaaad day.

So when I went to my new doctor a couple of weeks ago, I asked for another try.  And I love those little sleepy pills.  And I haven't had any strange visions or anything.

WELL, today I went to get on my work iPad.  It has a different iTunes account and iCloud account than my personal phone of course, and today it kept telling me my password was wrong.  THEN I saw and email on my ipad email account that said someone had changed my password on Tuesday.

Who could have done it?

My coworker who set up the account?

A hacker?

After pointing fingers and fretting about it for a couple of hours it hit me.

I think I DID!  The reset email was 9:47 pm on a Tuesday night.  Hmmmm...perhaps I vaguely remember being on my iPad.  But not really.

I am sticking with the identity theft theory.

I did make a mental note to make sure I wasn't sexting long lost loves or half-cousins.

Heather should keep a better watch over me.  Course she is asleep at that time, but still.

I just wanted to share that story with y'all.

Happy Thursday.


  1. This cracks me up. I don't have problems going to sleep or staying asleep, but the dogs licking their paws reference cracked me up only because I notice Tucker doing that just before I fall asleep and it The other thing I got out of this is that your best friend lives in Seattle. I think you need to visit her which in turn would lead to a visit to me!! We have about a 2 day span of great weather sometime around mid-late July :)

  2. Funny story! Thanks for sharing! I hope the ambien works better for you this time around. They say no decision making when under the influence! Ambien included!

  3. that is hilarious....maybe you should videotape yourself to keep an eye on you....bahahahahah!

  4. I take ambien every single night. I luvs it

  5. I do luvs me some Ambien! When my doctor first prescribed it to me he told me to take it as I was climbing into bed. He had a story about a patient who decided to take it and then wash dishes before going to bed... she ended up falling asleep at the sink and breaking an arm when she fell to the floor. I chose to learn my lesson vicariously through her, lol. My BFF has the hallucination problem when she takes it... her stories are quite amusing too! Lol