Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tinkle Tinkle Little Star

Sometimes I make things up.  My family has been saying this for years, and RARELY is it true...but here is an example.  Today at work I said "I have to go pee" no one in particular, I just announced it.  Then I said "I have to sneeze" which point, I sneezed.  And then I said "at least I didnt sneeze and pee, which has happened before."

And off I went to the bathroom to partake in the peeing part of the above statements.  And then I started thinking about how one time I went to a urologist, and he told me I have what is called a "floating bladder".  It moves around more than most bladders, and this can interfere with things like pooping or visa versa.

And then...THEN...I didnt know if that urologist ever really told me that.  I mean, I THINK he told me that but maybe I made that up and I just think it's now true?

I don't know.

But you know what I am doing in this picture below?

That's me in the background...peeing.  This picture was from nearly 3 years ago.  I wasn't necessarily sober, but it really doesnt matter.  If you get me really laughing...and there is fluid in me...bad things might happen. 

I blame it on my floating bladder.

Now.  Whilst photostalking myself on Facebook, I stumbled across some skinny pictures. Maybe, instead of posting previous fat pictures, I should just keep posting pictures of me in the 160's!
Sweet butterballs I was thinner. What a difference 20 or so pounds make.  I have decided that maybe I should print some of these off and use them as motivation because sometimes in my mind I don't feel like I look that much different!

SOOOO, this week has seen a resurgence of me trying to drink my water.  I used to be so good.  tsk tsk.  I have always believed that having a special water container aids in your wanting to drink.  So, I have been bringing my favorite Tervis Tumbler to work with a new lid color ( really not a color), and a straw.  The straw is a new addition and helps me drink my water at a faster clip. 

Hmmm...what else is new?  You should know I have been THINKING about blogging almost every day for the last several weeks.  That counts right?

Last week I traveled to Phoenix and met one of my favorite Jen's and several other bandsters...which was AWESOME!  I was there with Lapband Gal and Allergan, the maker of the lapband.  It's our yearly Patient Advisory Council, and I learned a lot.  It's always a quick trip and very beneficial. I am lucky to be involved.  I will share some of my thoughts and take-aways from the meeting in upcoming posts.

OOH, I am going for a fill next week!  Which will be the first fill in at least a year I think.  I think I will make that a entirely separate post.

So happy Wednesday friends! 

hugs and kisses


  1. I have a hard time getting my water in. and I LOVE D meeting you!

  2. Water is hard to concentrate on throughout the busy day. I have trouble too and I am in the loo all the time!

  3. They say that pregnant women lose control of their bladder. I am soooooooSOSOSO excited for this to happen.