Monday, May 7, 2012

Blew The Ass Out Of My Pants Today

Watch how I am about to put a positive spin on this:

Do you all remember when I started Operation Booty Pop about 6-8 months ago?  Well, today...what do you call it after a mission is successful?  Anywhooz, I think today we can say that the "operation" has been completed.

I blew the ass out of the slacks I was wearing.

Granted, in a darker time...known as "before the band", I blew my crotch out of a pair of slacks once bc thigh friction had weedled the threads into something so fine they could have came straight out of a spiders butt...

But today's slacks were about 3 years old.  I wear them at least twice a week, and wash them just as much.  AND YES, since the creatine, and the few extra pounds I have been holding (not due to the creatine), but thighs and asstackular region have been a little more snug in my pants.  I am telling's tricky adding more muscle bulk when you arent taking away any fat bulk...

I went to bend down this morning to fix some av problems in our conference room...and I heard the tell-tell sound of a few stitches popping.  Not to worry though, I reached back and felt and while I could identify a little seam spreading in the anus region, they hadnt completely split. 

But then at lunch I went to get out of my car and blew those mothers wide open.  THANKFULLY I had a bag of clothes for the goodwill in my trunk, and I tied a sweater around my waist like it was 1994 and that shit was stylish again.  I made it home and changed into my one remaining pair of black slacks and back to work I go.

I'm not gonna lie.  I am a beast these days in the gym.  While mama still hates Cardio (I took a week off last week from running...sigh), we are going to the gym on the weekends (not our work gym where we normally work out), and this allows me to get to work with barbells and weights and do different exercises than I can do in our normal gym.  The only draw back muscles are so sore come Monday or Tuesday...that I barely want to think about doing anything like running.

So there you have it.  As soon as my pants split I thought about you guys!  Is that love or what?




  1. That image is hilarious indeed!

  2. Laughing out loud. So hard.

  3. I love that even after all this time, you never tell us how you love cardio. When I go to the gym and am building up "the dreads" in my head, I just tell myself, 'it's ok cos Amy W. hates it too.'


    1. I love this line: and I tied a sweater around my waist like it was 1994 and that shit was stylish again.

      But does that mean it WASN'T stylish when I was doing that back in 1987? Sigh.

  4. OMG... laughing out loud my co-workers are looking at me like... what the hell is so funny.