Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Annual 5k: Shakin My Bacon

Let us take a trip down memory lane.  The year was 2009.  The month was April.  I was a couple months out from surgery and had signed up as a walker in my first 5k.  It was to motivate me to start moving, because after I had healed and returned ventured back into the land of "real food" (not liquids or mushies) the scale stopped for a few weeks...and I needed a goal to get me walking.  I loathed walking.  So this was me.  At 277 pounds.  I finished in 53 minutes.

The next year, I weighed in at 195, entered as a walker, and finished in 43 minutes.
I took a break last year.  This year I entered as a RUNNER!  I had nervous poopies that morning.  I had nightmares that night...once of which included me starting the race with my laptop bag and purse...and then having to run into the hotel I was staying at to check my bags.  Tragic. 

But we showed up.  Here I am pinning my lady.  It's like prom.  But not really.  I like my shirt.  Bought it for two reasons.  Count them.  #1.  It is neon which makes me look tan.  #2...which you would have never guessed bc you can't see the back, it is razor back which flatters my lady back muscles.  Heather was terribly sick.  She got sick a few days prior, and never gets a cold...but gave up chewing her fingernails for Valentines Day...as my gift...I would have preferred diamonds....or a boat.  But whatever...and anyways...she thinks she got sick bc BITING HER nails keeps her immune system built up bc she gets germs in her mouth on a more regular basis...to which I SAY...I got some germs for your mouth.

However, that's neither here nor there.

Anyways, for this race I weighed in at 182 and my goal was to get in under 33 minutes.

Carmen and I postrace.  That's our powerpose.  Just in case you were wondering.
That's my coworker Rusty, and also my running hero. He won the race. He wins lots of races.  He ran a race in Nashville with 22,000...and came in 16th!  Rusty and I do motivational/humorous speeches together around Florida for different events.  We make a good comedic team.
This is the award Rusty won but wasnt there to accept...so they called me up to get it.  I ran up the stairs screaming "It's my time!  It's my time!"...

No one understood me.

I laughed at myself.  And that's what matters.

Group shot.  Toe point.  You dig?  Me. Carmen. Liz, and Heather.

I finished in 30:27.  Not bad.  Damn...I was close to being under 30!  Next time.  Heather, despite her sickness, one 3rd in our age group.  27:04.  Good girl.

I think we are doing a 10k in a couple of weeks.  I will keep you posted.  I am going to go home and run one tonight, just to make sure I am not so slow that "sad wagon" (I dont know what it's really called, but it follows the last person in the race and then picks you up if time runs out) won't have to pick me up.  My goal is to do it under 63 minutes.  Hmmm...might be a stretch goal.

I know there are a lot of us who have walked/ran/crawled in races.  For those of you who are hesitant or scared to sign up...I encourage you to do it.  It doesnt matter if you walk or run.  If you are giving it your all, you will feel good about yourself when you finish.  Find a smaller race if you want, get a buddy.  It helps keep you motivated. 




  1. "If you are giving it your all, you will feel good about yourself when you finish." Amen, sister! Great job!!

  2. Yea! You are Amy-azing! :)

    And you look beautiful to boot!

  3. Great job in your race!! Impressive. Your whole post made me laugh :) "I would have preferred diamonds...or a boat...but whatever"... lol. I gave up biting my nails a little over 4 years ago for my hubby. I'm so glad I did!

  4. Awesomeness! I have yet to do my first 5K race but soon, very very soon!

  5. Good work, Amy! Inspiring, as always.

  6. Congrats! You look awesome, love the neon!

  7. SWEET JESUS! You look marvelous! great job! a runner?!?!? no chit?!?!?!?!? kudos baby girl!!!!!!

  8. I remember reading about the other races when they happened. You've come a long way baby! And, tell Heather, I think she's right about the fingernail thing. Not only because of the germs, but because of the stress of stopping, stress kills sister...let her bit away! ha ha!

  9. You are so awesome -- and you look fantastic! Healthy, fit and gorgeously tan! I don't see any extra pounds there at all. Maybe your scale is broken? :D

  10. Fabulous! As usual. You look way tan! Great achievement!

  11. Your first 5k is what motivated me to start signing up for walks all over the place. I'm attempting to do 2 5k's on Saturday. Wish me luck!