Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just North Of The Mexican Border

Last year around this time, Karin and I ventured to San Fransisco to participate on an advisory panel for Allergan.  Allergan is the making of such wonderful things as boobies, eye lash growing medicine, and my favorite (although the boobies would be nice too) my LAP-BAND.  Johnson & Johnson makes the Realize band...and for any potential bandsters out there, it is important to research the difference between the two, and then speak to your doctor.  OF COURSE I favor the lapband.  So far so good for me.

But I digress.  The advisory panel meets with the marketing peeps pertaining to lapband and we discuss a broad range of topics.  It really is a wonderful opportunity to discuss and learn. It's also nice to think that this huge organization cares enough about those of us in social media (as it pertains to WLS) and believes they can learn from us as well.   Last year we met for several days, but this year, it was a quick 24 hour meet up in Austin, TX. 

Which provided for just enough time to meet two other bandsters from Austin.  Amy Facebooked me and asked if we could meet for drinks.  DUH!  So after dinner she and her bestie Hannah found Karin and myself at our hotel.  They are both banded...and Hannah is carrying a little sumpin in her belly...another human being!

I want to talk a little bit about Amy's story.  First, let me preface this paragraph with the statement that I love these two and wish I had more time with them.  Amy (next to me in the grey and I must say I just  LOVE her name), will be banded 2 years come July.  She has had two slips.  She initially lost about 30 pounds and has gained around 10 back.  She can totally correct me if I get any of this information wrong, but she owns up to the fact that the slips and lack of weight loss are partially her fault (although I would like to have a stern toned conversation with her Dr. bc he said her band is placed a little funky which makes it more prone to slipping).  But here's the kicker.  Amy could have easily given up on her band. But she hasn't.  And I am going to tell you a little something else, I feel like she is going to end up rocking that son-of-a-bitch...for no other reason than she reminds me of...ME.  You know...cute.  Stylish...Funny.

Anywhoozle, I hate that she hasn't been able to feel or see any of the victories that comes with the band.  I can't wait until she starts to reap the benefits of this surgery.  Her spirit and her sass should see her through though.  Let me tell you, I may have given up.  But she hasnt.  So good for her.  And she has Hannah to motivate her as well.  If she acts quickly enough while Hannah continues to grow the mini-human, she may even be smaller than her!  Pregnant people.  Bless their heart.  I will continue this discussion in another post when I talk about why the band works right off for some and for some it doesn't....but for now...more pictures.
Karin and I are pictured below.  In her bedroom.  On the bed.  Fully clothed.  But looking joyful.

Here is the group of us getting ready to leave Austin.  That's a lot of success below. 

Finally me and Alex.  Alex is the founder of lapbandtalk.com, 9 years postop and a great guy. 

OH!  I had a brief moment of panic on the airplane when I went to put on my seatbelt and the mother didnt fit!  It wouldnt reach!  Seriously, if someone had been filming me...it would have looked like this:

Amy enters plane. Looks cute.  Smiles and waves!  She takes her seat, still smiling and waving occasionally.  She reaches for seatbelt to "make it click".  It wont reach.  All smiles and waves have ceased. Amy goes ashen.  Looks around in a panic. 

Then she figures out that the seatbelt is actually wrapped around the arm rest several times.

Woo.  That was CLOSE!


  1. Quote 1: "I feel like she is going to end up rocking that son-of-a-bitch...for no other reason than she reminds me of...ME."

    Quote 2: "I may have given up. But she hasn't."

    When I come to Florida in August, I am going to make my way up to Pensacola and kick you! You rock the band. You got to goal! You have maintained your massive loss. You inspire me (and probably everyone else) every time you blog and you need to stop forgetting how much you've achieved!

  2. Sarah, Amy is saying she would give up if she was put in those circumstances. She is rocking her band!

  3. YOU LOOK GREAT! btw I never knew Alex was real lol and funny story about the seat belt on the flight,It truely is so degrading when it happens for real, I stopped traveling by plane for almost 2 years because of it, now when I see someone struggling with it, it actualy pisses me off that the airline have not improve the degrading little gadget by now.

  4. Awesome!! I LOVE Austin (I went to UT undergrad), and it sounds like a great trip & really fantastic company!

    Just read your post about the pants splitting.... it reminded me of two pairs of pants I destroyed due to inner thigh rub, back in the fat days (cringing inside remembering how humiliating that was). Meanwhile, I'm wearing corduroy pants today and haven't heard so much as a whistle. Love my band.

  5. I would love to hear more about "other" Amy's band slip - I just found out I had one and I've been scared and sad about it. I have to meet with my doctor in two weeks to discuss our options.