Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Edition of: Me Neither

Have you ever fallen asleep in the middle of masturbating?  Me Neither. *

Have you ever grabbed the towel bar while you are weighing yourself, to ever so briefly see a fictional, although happy number much lighter than your true weight?  Me Neither.

While playing the "grab the towel bar to see my 'moon weight' game", have you ever accidentally pulled the towel bar out of the wall, only to then have to spend $25 at Lowes to fix the problem?  Me Neither.

*let us just say that in fact this did happen, in my defense, it was early in the morning and I woke up and decided...why not...and then half way through...I must have fallen asleep on myself...sigh.  At least my hand was still in the same place.**

**I hope my dad isnt reading this one...but just in case...HI AL!


  1. I totally have hung on to the towel bar to see my dream number :)

    1. I totally have fallen asleep while masturbating

  2. dammit... i don't have a towel bar to aide me in my moon-ness :( FAIL

  3. I have 'passed out' while masturbating, but there was some chemical help involved.

  4. Ah, Amy, I just love you to pieces!!

  5. neither, on both accounts *wink wink*

  6. I haven't done the towel bar thing yet.... but now that that idea is in my head... It's only a matter of time. As for the masturbation thing, I hate wasting good batteries but that has happened to me... It definitely helps me sleep better.