Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weight Loss Surgery Body Building Competition

Last week I had a genius idea.  I want to start a body building competition for women who have weight loss surgery.  Of course, I am going to have to have some sponsors.  Possibly Spanx?  I know it can happen by the looks of the SWAG bags from BOOBS 2.0.  (and btw, I am totally going to BOOBS 3.0)

Anywhoozle, this is what I was thinking.

Last Sunday, I was eye-f*&*king myself in my bedroom mirrors, and in a moment of high self-esteem I thought...hey...not so bad for someone who has lost 300 pounds.

Okay fine, 160.

Whatever. Numbers

So then I thought that I will never be able to compete in a real body building competition bc there is the loose skin that ain't going anywhere...and the cellulite.  Those things stick around like stalkers that hide in your front bushes. 

But I could compete against OTHER weight loss patients.

Here are the rules so far:

1.  You will be placed in brackets by how much weight you have lost.
2.  You cannot have had any plastic surgery.

I KNOW!  This disqualifies some of you.  Not to worry.  You can be the judges!  And who doesn't love judging people when there are actual prizes involved.  And yes, if I ever get my  boobs lifted I will keep the no plastic surgery rule...

with the exception of boob lifts.



for real.


  1. LOVE IT!! thanks for making me laugh yet again.

  2. Haaaaaa. Love it. Especially "eye-f-ing myself" in the mirror.

  3. LOL. Makes me want to get stronger!

  4. You would so win that competition!!! LOVE THIS!

  5. I couldn't find an email for you but I have given you an award please check my blog out to get it.

  6. I love this idea! Hopefully, one day I can be confident enough to feel as good as you. You've been such an inspiration to me that i've started my own blog and would be flattered if you followed me too. it's

  7. LOVE your blog. Swear it. Best ever. If I had to choose only 3 blogs to read you'd be #1. Does this sound corny? hmmm oh well! ha ha ha

  8. Hello :) I am new here but i have been reading you blog in a non creepy non stalker kind of way. Just wanted to say it is an amazing read and i don't know you but i am very proud of you accomplishments. I am one month out from my lapband so i have doing all the reading i can. Your blog has been a great wealth of knowledge and funny :) any way i just started my blog and gave you a shout out check it out if you like :)

  9. Ummm...yeah...umm...I will be the judge. Not because I've had plastic surgery...but because I like to judge people. LOL

  10. Hey Amy! I just nominated you for an award, so please check out my blog to receive it!

  11. i'm in!!!!!!!!! a place where bat wings, elephant skin and joey pouches are glorified is my kinda place :)

  12. I will be glad to judge.... You Girls are spectacular!

  13. Love the idea!! My trainer and I have been doing heavy lifting lately and it always makes me feel FABULOUS!