Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coming To You From Deep Inside A Belly Button

Okay...so you've got me. I am NOT really inside of a belly button, but it is topic for discussion.

One of the funnest (I KNOW that's not a real word) thing about having a girlfriend who is muscle and heart, is that we can have the best conversations about fat related body parts. For example, the other day I was laying on the bed and she was messing with my belly button and said something along the lines of:

"You probably have lint down there...it's kinda deep".

I laughed and told her that she should have seen the damn thing before! Right? Are you with me? Do you know how deep my belly button was at 327 pounds? It was an abyss. You could have boarded a cute little submarine and never made it to the bottom. Anywhooo...she didn't quite understand how the fatter you are, the more tissue around your bellybutton, and thus...the deeper it is?

Have I ever told you the stretch mark story? Probably. But one day at the beach I was wearing my bikini and again..on my back (hmm...sounds like a pattern), and she was running her fingers over my stretch marks. Now, I have been clear that my stretch marks are shameful to me. I can't even say that they are from having children...which would at least be honorable. But, I didnt feel like she was judging me or them...she was fascinated. And she asked me about them...how and when and why. Crazy to think that something that has always haunted me since puberty, has never been an issue for others.

So anyways. Back to my bellybutton. Just wanted to share and wonder if yours has gotten a little less deep.

It's the little things yes?

Okay. Now.

I was wondering today about the hotel room in Chicago...and whether the minibar would be stocked with Diet Sunkist.

Also, I fly in at 1130ish on Friday to Midway. At that point, I am going to try and find my way via the "el" to the damn hotel. If you havent heard from me or seen my by...oh...6pm...someone send a search party.

Also. Are we taking naked pictures?

Just kidding. BUT...I plan on taking LOADS of pictures. So prepare yourselves. And I expect some toepointing!

Oh, one more thing. I fly back to Pensacola early Sunday. I get back here around 1030 AM! And then I go straight to Orlando for a conference! But after the conference, Heather and I are going to Univerals Island Adventure...for rollercoaster rides! I don't think I have been on a rollercoaster, or been able to fit into one without the fear of fitting, in over a decade.

Big things are happening my lovelies!

Big things on a smaller scale!



  1. HAVE Fun this weekend! The El is a piece of cake to navigate!! Can't wait to see all the pics!

  2. Amy I get in in at 11 on Friday and leave Sunday at the butt crack of Dawn, I thought I was the only one who would be traveling Sunday with a head ache! Can't wait to meet you! I will try not to get all star struck.

  3. Chicago will never be the same! LOL!! Have a wonderful time Amy and I look forward to seeing the scandolous pictures ;-D

  4. LOL the bellybutton observation is awesomeness...I've thought the same thing before...I'm in the shower washing off and I'll be like "getting down in there good is sooooo much easier now" hahahaha :)

    Have fun in Chicago and Orlando! Rollercoasters...I can't wait to be able to do that. I've been on two when I was really young, so I haven't ventured there in adulthood!

  5. I dunno, might have to see the belly button in person to make an informed judgment.

  6. ok so here is my belly buttn story....my bf and his sisters all claim to have "neverending" bellybuttons, they can stick a q-tip in nearly 3/4 of the way it's kinda gross! so one time we were talking about cleaning out bellybuttons with q-tips (no there was no alcohol involved at all!! riiiiiight) i said that i didn't do that because my bellybutton wasn't nearly as deep as theirs was. 2 things came out of this admission by me, first it was determined that i must really have an outie but that the fat has caused it to be an innie! second the 3 of them decided to demonstrate the q-tip cleaning process (again stone cold sober...NOT!) so as my bf inserts the q-tip in and pulls it out attached is the head of ANOTHER q-tip! who knows how long it had been in there! lol

    also, all 3 of them claim that if someone sticks a finger in their belly button they feel it in their nether regions!

  7. One of my MAIN reasons for wanting to lose weight (I'm talking like top 3) is so I can ride ANY roller coaster I want, anytime. I am a roller coaster junkie and I had the hideous experience of not fitting on one once. The coasters at Islands of Adventure are AWESOME! I need to get there at some point this winter.

  8. I can put a small child in my belly button...similar to a mama kangaroo! Just sayin!

  9. I have to leave early Sunday too, but not sure if it's as early as you or Tessi, but maybe we can go back to airport together.