Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bad Amy. Spankins' Required.

ppsssst....come here...just a little closer....

I'm SORRY! I have been a TERRIBLE blogger!
I have. There is no excuse. Although I could try and make some up for. But I am here. And we shall recap the going-ons of the last week or so.

First. Labor Day weekend. I took Heather home to meet the family :) We have a great time and Amy dranks lots of Patron tequila. Shameful. There were model shoots...

Complete with Toe Pointing. Rachel gave me her Victoria Secret Sweat Pants as a birthday gift. They are a size medium...and I am madly in love with them. I also pee peed a little in them later and had to do a wardrobe change. I was laughing too hard. Tequila in becomes tequila out at some point!

There was a night of kareoking on top of the boat.

This was one brief moment when I was allowed to leave the karaoke station. Somehow I am always put in charge of MCing such events. I will say there is something special about a bunch of middle aged boaters who are three sheets to the wind. There was this very wise woman on the boat, with 20/20 vision and extremely good taste, that told me I should be a model. She then told Heather she should make money off me. I believe what she said was "Get her in the gym and start making money off her". I am not sure if I should have been insulted at that point, but I was still high from the model comment.

Then there was more modeling and toe pointing.

This time we got my mom in on the action.

We took the little boat to the bat cave one night. Everyone goes down river and parks there boat right next to this bluff where, when the sun goes down, hundreds of bats fly out all around you.

My brother and I on the way back.

Here is one of my favorite pictures. Earlier in the day Rachel decided she wanted to learn to ski on one. She was going to get up on two ski's and then "drop" one. You pull your foot out, nice and slow and let one ski go and then you are skiing on one. Well, Rachel...bless her heart...wasnt slow or graceful...and somehow, while being pulled on two ski's, managed to walk right out of both of them at once...and for one long moment...I swear...the poor girl was walking on water...screaming. And this is our impression of what she looked like.

Me and my dad.

And I will leave you with one last picture. This was on our way to the bat cave. I like to entitle this photo as "When we tried to make Rachel a Lesbian". We will call her Trucker Tina from now on...

It was an awesome weekend. We were super tired for about 7 days afterwards. That's the way a good vacation should leave you. A little bruised, a little sore, and with a little headache.


  1. Fun times!! Rachel's pose in that last pic is classic, LOL!! Now your mom toe pointing, look out America's Next Top Model!!!!

    But wait.....did you check out the hair whip in the first photo. Was that the wind??? Gone girl!!

  2. And can I say for the record that "I now have my Amy fix!!" :-D

  3. Glad you are back and can't wait to spank you!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you've been having a blast with life!

  5. Nice to "see" you again out here in blogland! You are definitely missed when you don't post!!

  6. I misses you Amy when you're gone so long but now I'm straight hating on your skinny arse! Damn my band has some work to do lol! You look great and I always think of you and your damn toe pointing when pics are being snapped. I wish I was coming to Chicago you guys better take some toe pointing pics!

  7. I have these pants - but my words are in black - I am so bringing them to Chicago to take a pic with yours!

  8. I look the toe-pointing photos... especially the one with your Mom... I'm glad you had a great time. *Maria*