Tuesday, September 14, 2010

31 and still stupid

On September the 8th, I turned 31.

Which reminds me, I need to look into my AARP membership.

We had a video shoot for work out at the beach the afternoon of my birthday (convenient yes?), so we just ended up staying out there for the evening. You know, after I thought about it, I think it was my first birthday since I turned 21 that I celebrated it out and about. Crazy huh?
You know what else is crazy? That on your birthday, people like to buy you drinks. And then they want you to drink them, super fast, so they can buy you another one. And really...who am I to disappoint the people? So here I am at oh..4:30ish in the afternoon, with my drunk face and two of my most favorite gentleman. Wayne and Justin.

And here is the lovely Lisa and moi...on our way to the restroom together.
Wayne giving me a tip. Thank you kind sir.

This is later in the evening and these are some of the people that I love, like, work with, and so forth.

I am lifting the boys. Can you see it?

And here they are lifting me. I am a tad uncomfy bc I was waiting for their backs to break.

My mom, dad, and sister came out as well. They giggled as Heather called me athletic, and preceded to regale her with stories of how un-athletic I am. Girlscout stories of how we preferred air conditioning to camping (now really...who doesn't)...softball stories of how I never wanted to play.
I would like to report though, that while we all consumed too much drinky drinky on a school night, I was still up working out at 6 am.
Thank you. I can feel you virtual pats on the back.


  1. Now if I can just get up at 5 am to work out I would be wonderful. You need to tell me your secret. Or maybe its because you got a awesome girlfriend for freaking trainer!!!

  2. Happy birthday! Your arms are incredible!

  3. That whole "my girlfriend is a trainer" bit is starting to make me really jealous. I can't imagine any other way my butt would get out of bed the night after a birthday celebration to work out - forget it having been that early in the morning!! :)

  4. happy birthday, baby. next year we should meet half way in florida half way between our birthdays and celebrate! (i'll think about letting you bring that bitch heather along).

  5. I second Grace... your arms are amazing! Nice guns, girl!

  6. Happy Birthday, Sunshine. You look like you had a fantabulous time! *Maria*