Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lap Band--Check, New Life--Check!

Hello everyone! I am at the hospital and officially post-op! We got here this morning at 7:45 and got in my sexy gown, even sexier circulation socks, and the sexiest circulation boots. They made me pee to make sure I am not pregnant...that was fun. Not only did I not have much pee, but the bathroom stall was so narrow it was hard to sit and get that cup in place. I had to do some Matrix stuff to get that done.

I was wheeled up to the surgery preop I guess you could call it around 9:00. Everyone came to ask me the same questions...dentures? Pacemaker? do I own a pony? Then they took me to the operating room. The anasteshia (cant spell it) took ten minutes to work. It was supposed to do that. But they strapped my arms down, my nose itched, and I started to think how if someone was having surgery for something that was serious and had a higher death rate...how scary that would be...I was pretty scared.

I woke up somewhere else, thought I couldnt breathe. So far, that has been my least favorite part of the whole experience...the anasteshia (still cant spell it) wearing off. It took about 2 hours. After that wore off, I was in my room and asked if I could get up to walk. Didnt use the pain meds. My butt was hurting from the wonderful hospital bed though. I have a little gas I think around my left rib. I've been burping. I will probably push my pain button once I crawl back in bed for the night.

I went to put my belly button ring back in and dropped the damn thing under the bed. I'm gonna have to ask the nurse to get it for me. I have been putting her to work today! I set my iv machine off twice by moving my wrist the wrong way!

My boobs get stuck to my body bc of all the stuff they put on my belly. That's fun peeling them off every so often. Imagine sweaty thighs and a hot leather car seat.

My boyfriend was a trooper. He hates to sit, but lasted all day. I sent him home around 5. Once I get some underwear on I will take pictures of the incisions...although they have little bandaids on them.

my nurse just came, so i should go for now! she found my belly button ring!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You look sooooo happy. I am pretty sure I didn't look that good post op. Matter of Fact, I am pretty sure I looked like crap! It took for-e-ver for me to get that sticky junk off of me! Good luck with that. Keep the pain meds coming, don't let your self get in pain.

  2. I was in an outpatient facility but lucky to have the first surgery on the docket. I hate going under (been through that a couple times in my life, once for tonsils, once for wisdom teeth) because one minute they're asking you if you feel sleepy and the next minute they're waving hello to you as you wake up.

    I got an Upper GI done before I was sent home. My doctor, who is total no-nonsense, straight forward dude (name Dr. Billy, the friendliest of all doctor names, right?) was very happy with me as I was leaving. Apparently I got in the right protein diet & supplements so he said it was really easy for him to see everything he needed to in my body and said it took him 42 minutes, a 3 minute shave off of his average slow time. He even SMILED! That made me feel so good.

    We drove home and I've been ok every since, but when I took off my bra, my boobs did the same thing. I didn't feel quite up to showering last night since I showered before we left at 5am to get to the surgery center 45 minutes later. I at least had a bigger bathroom, but even though I kept saying I had an IUD in they made me take a pregnancy test too.

    My poor skinny boyfriend shivered his ass off in the waiting room because the secretary said the temp needed to be low for some reason. I tried to rest but the shoulder pain from the gas was killing me, so the best I could do was sit on my massage chair pad and stick in in the spot at my shoulders.

    When Liv came home school and was done with homework, the three of us went for a stroll. It wasn't too bad, all in all. We live upstairs, so walking up and down them was maybe the scariest because I thought I might trip and fall, but I made it.

    I like to think I had my own little inpatient procedure because they both doted on me... hell, they were probably better than most nurses. Although I loved that the two nurses who helped me in the recovery room were both named "Carrie." The first thing I said when I woke up and they introduced themselves, I said, "Oh, you care! But no pig's blood." Took them a minute, but then they were both laughing and going about checking my blood pressure and what not.

    Surgery was definitely not what I expected even though I knew exactly what was going to happen from attending classes and even putting myself through the brutal experience of watching YouTube clips of actual surgeries.

  3. You know, you are very inspiring, and funny!