Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 2

Hello everyone. Here is a picture of my first meal. Yum Yum.

One ounce jello. Lemon could have only been worse if it was LIME jello. And one ounce of grape juice. I didnt drink the grape juice. It didn't taste like any grape juice I have ever had.

I couldn't sleep in the hospital last night. My IV machine was so loud. I may have gotten one hour of sleep total. I was up walking around at 2am. They let me go home this morning around 11am.

I am still not hungy. I did get a protein shake down though, and had some broth for dinner. I am working on a bottle of water. I am going to call the nutritionist tomorrow bc I dont know if I am supposed to force myself to eat if I am not hungry.

I took a shower. I will try and post a pic of my stomach tomorrow! Pretty! I am a little more stiff today. Still not much gas...just achey around my port. I slept this afternoon for three hours straight and I loved it! Here are some pics from pre-op! Keep sharing with me with your comments!

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  1. It looks like they gave you your own private room, which is a good thing, aside from the small bathroom. I was in more of a community setting, with curtains, like in the ER. I was told to get about 4 ounces of liquid in during the day, no protein drinks on the first day, just water, broth, low-sugar juice, Jello or popsicles.

    (Just finished my first post-op shower and so far no pain back in my shoulder, so a good thing. And still grazing through your blog. Even better thing!)