Monday, June 8, 2015

Some Things I Put in My Mouth

When I am on a diet changing the way I eat, I actually, temporarily, become more obsessed with food.  Like, I am on a mission to find rare and exotic things that fall into the "clean" category and will fill me up whilst keeping me moving in the right direction.  So I though I would share some of my food things with you. The first is a little granola cereal I found at Target.  It's pretty good.  I don't really look at calories first thing anymore when I am looking at food.  I look at protein and I look at fiber.  With my band, cereal is sometimes hard to eat because I don't like my cereal soggy and I can't rush it so it usually gets soggy by the time I can eat it...

SOoooo...I just do a little bowl with a little milk and fresh fruit.  You can eat this dry though.  Or on yogurt.  But I don't really care for with milk it is!

 Next up is an item that when it was first gifted to me by my friend Nicole...well it just sat in my pantry for a month of so.  I didn't even want to try it.  I don't really like almonds, walnuts, pecans...then I was REALLY hungry one day and probably had nothing else unhealthy delicious to eat in the house so I tried this.  Again, you could put it on something, and it's kinda sticky...but I just eat a little bit plain and it's SO good.  It's sweet yet filling and has 5 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber in just 1 ounce!


This I purchase at Fresh Market.
 Next up are two weird-ee items I bought at our local health store co-op.  The Chia Bar is interesting in the sense it's just pretty much chia seeds and pressed fruit.  But I am eating it now and helped curb my craving for a reese's peanut butter egg and a Pepsi.  And that's saying a lot.
 Now this little guy below is weird.  It's just one apple and one mango.  That's it.  Hence the name.  That's it.  It's odd and I don't know if I would say go buy yourself a BOX, but it might be something to try.
And finally, this last item I recommend with caution.  Because although it is could EASILY ingest the entire bag in one sitting. It's Boom Chicka Pop popcorn.  See that white one there?  That's my jam.  It's the white cheddar and I love it.  Heather digs the yeller one.  I've actually never seen the caramel and cheddar one but doesn't that sound interesting.  This comes in handy at home when I am in between meals and just need SOMETHING.  So a cup or so of this hits the spot.

Well there you go dudes!  Let me know if you try any of these.


  1. I've been making muesli for breakfast and it's really good for cereal. The oats are kind of supposed to be mushy and the nuts and seeds stay crunchy no matter what you do to them, so it's perfect for us banded people. I got tired of having smoothies every day so it's a nice choice. I'll post the "recipe" (really just throw stuff together until it looks good - super easy) in the next few days. And that Boom Chicka Pop...YUM. Whole Foods sells single serving bags of it (6 bags in a big package) that are 90 calories each, so that's good for portion control since I could totally snarf the whole big bag too.

  2. I am a popcorn-a-holic. It is the one thing that I can eat nearly uncontrolled amounts of after I was banded. I like Boom Chicka but also Skinny Pop.

  3. I want to try the chia bar and the health crunch. We have Fresh Market here so I'll go check it out. I love the boom chika popcorn! This is a great idea to share the products you love - helps the rest of us from making mistakes buying expensive flops! Thanks!!