Monday, June 15, 2015

Burnt Up and Burnt Out

Man oh man. What a weekend.  It went by way to fast and I would have LOVED to sleep in this morning and continue sleeping until tomorrow....or at least lunchtime.  But alas, one must rise and shine and conquer the world.  

Here in sunny and humid Pensacola, FL, even when you get up to run at 5:00am, it' still like running circles in Hades.  It's stifiling.  Me and the pups wogged a slow 3.45 miles and I was tempted to take a picture of how sweaty and beatdown I looked...but I was too sweaty and beatdown to pull my self together for a proper selfie. When Heather finished her 5 miles she said..."Were we running in June last year, because I don't remember it being this hot."  Of course we were (I confirmed with my NikeApp), but my Timehop must have felt the need to confirm as well because this was a year ago:
In other news, I am still loving the Fitbits we bought for Valentines Day.  My goal is 10,000 steps a day and if I don't run in the morning, it takes real effort to get those 10K steps. Another feature of the Fitbit HR is that you can look at your heart rate zone for any given workout.  Take a look at my run from this morning.  I was in the peak zone for 29 minutes.  That's not good.  That means I was actually NOT in my prime calorie burning zone.  That's how hard the run was this morning.  I don't usually touch the peak zone.  

 Another wonderful feature of the Fitbit is the challenge feature.  Last week we did a "workweek hustle" challenge.  The goal is to get the most number of steps from Monday-Friday at midnight. Some people are crazy.  Like Hosea (a coworker), his wife Trinette, and Leigh (my coworker).  They cray cray.  Like...if at the end of the night someone is ahead of them...they get out of bed and get more steps.  I'm not that motivated! LOL.  But it's fun to compete and see each other's steps.

Heather did some dog/house sitting Saturday until Sunday, but after she finished we met and went to the beach for some afternoon sun.  We piled up at Margaritaville...they have hammocks and misters. I had 4 beers, which exceeded my 3 drink limit...but we can't ALWAYS be perfect now...and I switched to water right after that.  My fiance however, did NOT switch to water and would end up later regretting that choice... 

But before the sickness came...we snapped a few pics.

 Pensacola has some of the whitest beaches.

 I love hammocks.

This was riiiiiggght before I had to take Heather to the truck to lay down.  Bless her heart.  She did get a little of that water down...before it came back up.

And so, Monday finds us again!  Keep on keepin on friends!


  1. That beach looks so beautiful. So jealous!

  2. We are coming to Florida in August because we really like the heat and humidity.

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