Monday, June 8, 2015

My Band Visit: It's Been A Minute

So last week I finally had my fill appointment with my "new doctor".  Remember after Dr. Friedman, my own personal McSteamy retired due to his cancer (update on that:  he is now large and in charge running things at the bariatric clinic at University of Florida), I decided I didn't want a new doctor (read that in a pouty 3 year old voice for full effect), and thus...I haven't been for a fill or to meet the new doctor since March of 2013.

That's a mad minute dudes.

So about two months ago I scheduled my appointment and met with Dr. Gatmaitan.  I was slightly upset about the fact that he wouldn't do a fill without an upper GI, but I was really going for an upper GI anyways (I've never had one and juuuuuust wanted to make sure the band was happy and healthy), so I left a little content that I just knew I wouldn't like him as much as Dr. Friedman.

Afterall, what were the chances of me finding love with TWO bariatric doctors?

I digress.

So about 6 weeks ago I have my first upper GI and hear nothing.  So I am thinking no news is good news...

But still...

I wait.

So my appointment was last week and before I can make it to my consult room, Dr. G is in the hallway and wants to know if I would like to see my slides/xrays.  So he proceeds to take the time to show me each shot and explain what I am looking at and even brings the fake stomach demo toy out and compares it to the picture to make sure I know what's going on.

I thought that was nice.

And the verdict is:

No slipping.  No erosion.  No prolapsed esophagus.

Everything is chill.

He also said that you can tell I have pretty good restriction, and he was hesitant to give me anything at all.

I said, "I can eat an entire sub".

He said, "An entire sub?'

I said, "yes".

He said, "Okay".

So he gave me .2 ccs and everything seems to be going smoothly.

I can't notice a huge difference, maybe just a little.  But that's okay.  Most of the things I need to focus on eating wise, well...the band doesn't stop cheetos mmmkay.

And I have been doing well along that little by little.

Just wanted to give ya'll an actual band update for once.


Happy Monday!

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