Monday, April 9, 2012

Just When You Think No One Loves You

I blog in my head a lot.  At times, I wish my brain had a bluetooth built in, and it could communicate with Blogger and I could blog with my mind.  It would be awesome.  Usually my GENIUS blogs are written in my head as I try to drift into sweet slumber, as this is my most reflective time of the day ( know what I mean).

But just when I thought no one cared anymore that I haven't been actually blogging, I received two messages yesterday from a couple of your inquiry of my life and mental status. So I am going to publish this damn blog come hell or high water. 

Nothing too extreme or scary have been going on that have kept me away from blogs.  For the first time in forever, I havent even been reading blogs.  Usually I at least blog skim to make sure I try to stay on top on things, but alas...I have not. 

With that said, let me give you an Amy update.

My plan that I initiated at the beginning of January to weigh 150 by May 1st...wellllll...unless I get a terrible stomach flu resulting in several weeks of intense diarrhea, it doesn't look like I will be meeting that goal.  I have actually been on some crazy sugar bender for weeks and weeks now, which basically means I wake up...literally wake up...and the first thing I am thinking about is how do I get my hands on some peanut butter m & m's.  Dudes.  Those are my favorite candy.  For a couple of weeks, I would go through about 3 large bags a week.  MAN!  I have scaled back a little as Mr. Scale was teetering around 177, and I dont like to see anything over 175.  Luckily, my working out had stayed constant, so I few pounds up is not that bad...considering.

With that said I may need...OKAY FINE...I do need to try to detox myself from sugar for a few days.  Nothing specific, just stop eating the candy. 

Sad though, bc today all the easter candy IS on sale....hmmmm


Next weekend, the 21st, I am running the 5k that I walked a few months after surgery 3 years ago.  I walked it again the following year, and missed last year.  This year I will be entering as a runner for the first time.  Ideally, I would like to finish under 31 minutes...but I have been slacking off on my running...and just as running quickly becomes easier if you do it consistently, it unfortunately becomes harder if you STOP doing it consistently.

Even though my weight is up a few pounds, I am feeling really good about my body.  For what it is and what I was, it's not too shabby.  I am still taking the creatine and like what I think it is doing for my muscles.

The weekend before last we accompanied my friend and coworker on your 30th birthday journey. We rode her dads boat about an 1 or so to SanDestin, and then went out for dinner and stayed the night on the boat and at their condo.  I TRIED to pace myself with my Wild Blue beer (it's 8.7%, tastes like blueberries, and go down like water).  I even drank a bottle of water in between each beer...but at around 4pm, they caught up with me and I ended up almost dying (okay, I am slightly exaggerating).  But for several hours I was pretty sick, but nothing would come up.  I ended up taking a nap and rallied for dinner and a little dancing.  Let us look at the journey in photos.

On the boat heading towards the condo. Pre-beer.
Me and my lady.
Boat modeling. Toe point. Always.

I was talking to someone. I am including this picture so if you want to see how one must always be aware of their extra skin when posing in a bikini...check out whatever is hanging over on the steering wheel.

My girl and Carmen.  Heather's pants are about 2 inches away from being inappropriate!
Me, Carmen, and my bicep.
At the condo.  I was not feeling well here...but you can't tell.
Most of the group after dinner.
Heather was kissing the birthday girl.  I will cut a b&^%@

On the stage dancing.  That's how we roll.

And that's it.  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Until next time...



  1. Looks like fun................and you wear your pain well!


  2. Totally missed you! Thanks for writing!! Looking FAB!!!

  3. Oh hellz yes, Peanut Butter M&Ms! They are like crack!

  4. i love the photos... You look amazing. I missed hearing about your life and love. XOXO *M*

  5. I love reading your blogs because they seem to often come right out of my head. Looks like you all had a fun time!!

  6. Pix are look amazing! Peanut M&M's are a great protein source!

  7. Welcome back Amy, I missed you. Totally feeling your sugar cravings.

  8. Gotta say glad you are back, if only for a moment...I actually am a newbie and read your entire blog this weekend ;) You are such a success and inspiration!

  9. awwwww welcome back, SHE IS ALIVE!! LOL I am also a newbie to your blog as well as the whole blog thing, spent a week reading your blog like a Harlequin romance novel, then right when I get all caught up stop WTH???? it’s like the cliff hanger we all dread or that special important message that comes on during the best part of your movie, people say they wont, dont, didnt, and will never change but they do, we all do, we become happy healthy and we get a life, and it looks like you have accomplished all three Congrats! But please don’t forget the little(big) people lol

  10. I don't even think I'm an official follower (sorry, I will remedy that asap if I'm not...), but I visit your site nearly every day to see what's new. So YES, I missed you and wondered where you were, what you were up to, and when I could look forward to your next witty blog installment. Eventually I worried, if you were to stop blogging altogether, how long it would take before I stopped coming back to check on the escapades of Amy and Heather? WOULD I be able to carry on without them? Thank the Sunkist gods I don't have to find out yet!

    Yes, sugar. Mmmm sugar. Coke is my weakness right now. I'm resisting but I really really want some. Every day. I'm trying to re-kick the sugary treat habit. I did absolutely fine for 6 months after my LB surgery (except for Christmas), but 1.5 years out, it's baaaack.