Monday, February 13, 2012

Things You Can Eat With Mondo Restriction

Dear Friends-

its time to gather on the rug for Story Time.  Thank you for those of you who have checked on me and to make sure I am alive after my Fill.  Although technically, you waited 5 I could have died. 

Anyways.  I am over it.

But here is the scoop.  The first 3 nights I had reflux whilst sleeping.  It was nothing compared to that one time that I begged and begged Dr. Friedman for a big girl fill, only having to go back in a couple days later and admit I was wrong,  he was right, and get him to take out that extra .5ccs.

So I took some pepcid and have been reflux free the last couple of nights...unless I sleep on my stomach...but I just try NOT to do that. 

Now, things like soup are still a little slow going, but here is a list of things I consumed this weekend, in no particular order:

Taco Bell: Crunch my car.  In less than 5 minutes.
                 Nachos...later that night.  Slower, and only ate half.  But still...

Brownies.  Man.  Those were good.  Chased with some milk.

Three cans of Pepsi.
A Snickers.
Peanut butter M & M's
Peach Cobbler with Ice Cream

And there you have it people.  Even with restriction, you can make poor choices.  And therefore, even after my 7.11 mile run on Saturday, my weight stayed the same (well went up .2 pounds). 

My girlfriend made me make the brownies.  She wanted the peach cobbler and ice cream.  She wanted the Taco Bell.  So...even living with a tiny tot personal trainer will not do it for me. 

Damn You food monster! 

I am good with it though.  No biggie in the grand scheme of things.

Okay.  On to my run on Saturday.  I wanted to run 7 miles.  I had completed a 6 mile run several times, and figured it was time to go a little farther.  I finished in 1:21:10.

And then.  I almost died.  I dont know if the cold air made my band tight, or what, but my protein shake didnt want to go down, my chest was aching (band related not heart attack), I didn't feel good.  It took about 2 hours to pass, and then I felt better.  I thought my body would be sore the next day, but only my quads felt a little tight.  I am not looking forward to that run again.  The 800 calories I burnt sure were nice though :)

Happy Monday friends.


  1. I am tight too and I have no idea why. Mine is NOT fill related came on suddenly. I am keeping a close eye on mine.

    I hope you feel better and WOW on the run!

  2. Awesome on such a great run, Amy!

  3. I am so impressed with your running -- I was just not Born to Run, but I wish I liked it. I have total runner envy!! Sorry that you didn't feel well though.

  4. Your "food" list looks about like mine! But I have no one to share the blame, lol. Great run!

  5. Amy you always always say that the band doesn't do the work. It's not running the 7 miles (major wow by the way) you are and if you're working out that hard you definately deserve brownies, peach cobbler, ice cream and all other items of goodness. Sorry you weren't well after though.

  6. What is it about the secret magic powers of Taco Bell and how it will ALWAYS slip past my band? Sigh.

  7. Wow, 7 miles, good on ya! Worth the ice cream and brownie combined!

  8. I'm glad your fill seems to be working out for you (not too tight I mean). You're a super-stud with all that running!

  9. Well, you're a rockstar...even though you eat candy. I can't. boo. Also, I would have checked in to see if you lived after your fill, but my computer crashed last week, so I have a good excuse. LOL

  10. I am feeling tight some days and at my sweet spot on others... Today makes 2 weeks for me since my 1cc fill. I already had 7ccs so that puts me at 8ccs. I guess I could stop eating pasta and bread. I tried eating a little Smart ones Rigatoni with vodka sauce... It was a no go.

  11. Great run! Balls on the taco bell...I could eat that heavenly cheesy garbage even if my mouth was wired shut! You rock!

  12. Wow! Very impressive run! Are you sure you're not too tight? Just sayin.

  13. When I'm tight, exercise makes me tighter. I'm sitting here eating soup and it is taking me forever. I forgot how hard this is. I ignored the part in your post about easily eating a brownie.

  14. Sweetie, take care with the slider foods. I've been reading your blog forever and I love you ((Mwahhhh)) but do be careful.

    That stuff goes down easily, has loads of calories and doesn't do you any good.

    But you know that. Hope you manage to get back to eating a tinsey bit more of the better stuff. But hey no big deal in the bigger scheme of things. Just don't start the slippery slope?

    And like the others have said, wow to the running.

  15. What a runner you are!! Impressive... I hear you on the restriction, it can really be a bitch. Sigh.

  16. OK - you pulled me in... I went back and read every post from 2009 - cried, laughed, worried and hated to have to put down the puter to work... now you have not posted since 2/13 - what am I supposed to do? I am actually worried about you.. LOL

    Sincerely - your new 'stalker'


  17. You are running 7 miles?? Wow that is awesome!! I am so inspired!! I think that is really really terrific. I'm sure you're burning tons of calories!