Monday, February 27, 2012

Gracious Me

Look.  Here is the deal.  I apologize for not posting for the last two months, but it just so happens that I was sailing in the Black Sea and a group of Bosnia pirates boarded our ship and took me hostage and there was no Wi-Fi in the holding cell.

OKAY FINE.  I just made all of that up.  Why are you interrogating me?

What has really happened since my last post, the day before Valentines Day...where I put that perhaps my fill was too it IS too much.  Here's the skinny.

It's been 3 weeks from this coming Wednesday since my fill.  I have had reflux a majority of the nights.  Sometimes it just lasts a few hours after I fall asleep, last last ALL NIGHT.  When its really bad, I fall asleep, the acid shoots up and fills my mouth, and I feel like I am drowning.  I sit straight up in bed, coughing, gasping for hair.  Heather starts to rub my back, rub my chest, hold me...anything bc it makes her feel terrible (I love her).  Then I feel terrible for waking her up.  Last night was the worst so far, my throat is sore, my ears ache. 

BUT, before you start lecturing me, I did call my doctor's office last Monday to get in for an appointment for an unfill, but then I realized I would have to pay my $45 copay...and I don't have $45 for a I called back and said I would see if it got better.  Well, when I called today...the wonderful Mrs. Bettie answered and said "you just can't stand it can you?"  And I said "I admit defeat!  I am always preaching that you can't abuse your band and not expect anything bad to happen".  So I am going in for an unfill on Wednesday.

If there was no acid reflux at night, I probably wouldn't go in.  Although I will tell you guys, I no longer like being so restricted.  I enjoy that fact that I am never physically hungry, and right now at this point, each bite of solid food I take causes a pain in my chest so I dont really even want to eat....but I don't enjoy not being able to ENJOY my food or meals.  Eating out is awkward again bc it takes so long and I have to be super super careful with food choices.  Which is fine when I am with Heather, but a little weird depending on who we are dining with.  I don't want to give anyone the impression when we are eating with them that having a band means a)being in pain, b)being miserable c)always worrying about throwing up.  Because with proper restriction for me, I am NOT in pain, not miserable, and dont have to worry about throwing up (as much as I worry about it right now).

So there you have it.'s not even like I am loosing weight.  I weighed in at 170.2 this morning. SO...some of it needs to come out. 

It's settled.

So the long and short of it is....I havent blogged bc I know as good friends you would have lectured me, and told me I know better.

So I was avoiding!

Other than that, Bubba (our white bulldog) jumped on my dog Shelby (old pappy) and ripped a hole in his face Saturday night.  Its very deep.  I cried and cried.  Took him to the vet for an emergency visit yesterday morning...and they pumped him full of antibiotics and I have to bring him back tomorrow to see if he needs surgery.

Heather and I are doing well of course.  We went shopping last Saturday.  This was what I said I wanted for Valentines Day.  A day of shopping where I could spend my money without lectures on how I should be saving it.  (although in hindsight...saving $45 would have come in handy).  So I bought some new clothes I needed desperately for work, and some other fun stuff.

Heather's brother and his new lady friend came down this weekend and we went disc golfing.  On the course, they have a workout we played around. 
 Heather, Corbin, Ashley

 My girl doing a pull-up.  Who smiles when doing a pull-up.  My face usually looks like I am making a grumpy...if you know what I mean.
And this is a shot of me.  Do you remember in elementary school when you would do this, and fling your body round and round, twirling on the pull-up bar?  Well, I thought I would do that now.  Turns out that #1.  Yes...I can do it.  But #2.  Twirling 170 pounds, anchored only by the back of your knee...hurts like a son of a bitch!  Sweet pearl necklace, I am bruised and have blood blisters on the back of my knee.  It's pretty awesome.  But at least for a few mere moments, I looked like a damn gymnast.

And that's what matters in life. 
You know what else matters in life?  Not getting your picture taken upside down and looking like this...

I look like a Lorax

But this one...this one I like...bc I look Happy. 


  1. Super cute pics - you guys are adorable!!! xx

  2. You do know better than that! took care of your babby dog's health, I think you deserve at least as much as the Pooch. Get thee to the DR!

  3. Glad to hear that you're getting that unfill. You guys are super adorbs

  4. Girl, you keep it real, and I love it. I just got an awesome fill, but I'm always super cautious about being too tight just because of your horror stories about this mutant acid reflux of yours!! Oy! Glad you're getting it taken care of - and you guys look so happy and adorable. I love love!

  5. all look so happy! As for the fill level...well...I'm not gonna say it. ;)

  6. Pesky pirates with Wi-Fi less cells! They should know better. That must go against some aspect of the code. :-D

    I'm in complete awe! You can hang upside down by your knees!!!!!!

    Hope Shelby's face is ok, that sounds awful and hope you're unfill gets you to a good place. I really don't think they should charge for taking the stuff out as well as putting it in.

  7. Glad you're doing well and what a sweet pic of you and your girl, cute! Also, you deserve just as much care as your puppy, which btw you almost made me cry, happy you're going to the Dr.'s.

  8. You never fail to make me smile! Good luck to you and your baby getting back to 100%. Sleep and feeling good are important! :)

  9. Amy: You've done so much for your lapband surgeon - seminars, etc. Why don't you ask him if he can waive the copay this time? He'll probably be pissed if he realizes you're waiting to be seen because of this copay. I know it can be embarassing to admit that you don't have $45, but it's worse if your band slips and you need $2k for surgery.
    I'm sure you'll keep us posted.

    Take care.


  10. I hear you about the co-pay....I have to limit myself to one specialist appt a month, and it's still tight financially. Also my last fill was my first under floro... and it hurt the most. I hope you feel better...soon. XOXO *M*

  11. Interest post, Amy. I'm so glad you told us your experience. I'm actually not enjoying my tightness either, but I (thankfully) have no reflux. I guess I just need to get on the stick. Good decisions aren't going to make themselves.

    Hope you feel better!

  12. Thanks so much for your post...i have been struggling for the last 3 weeks with my fill and i thought i was eating too fast or too much, but after every solid meal I did or wanted to hurl...and suffered with acid refulx which i've never had before. So yesterday I decided to go in for an unfill - i only had 1 1/2 cc's in my bad and they took it all out to let my stomach "rest". Have you ever heard of that? I'm kinda freaking out not having any restriction/fluid at all.