Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Most Intense Workout of My Life

Happened on Monday night.  And something else happened.  Something I never thought COULD happen.  I did this workout faster than Heather.  And she was impressed and even put in on Facebook that I kicked her butt.

It was a good day folks.  A good day.

So Heather loves Bob Harper (Biggest Loser).  He is on the cover of Men's Fitness this month, so I picked up the magazine.  Bob apparently is a Crossfit convert.  He thought he would hate it, that it was silly...etc etc.  But about a year ago he went with a friend and loves it.  So there was a little Crossfit routine in the magazine...named "The Bob"...and Heather decided that she would run me and a couple other girls though it on Monday night.  I wasn't that excited, bc the routine starts with 5 immediately I though I was doomed.  But I put on my "yeah babe, I am pumped" face and headed over to the gym.  Now, we know that Beth is the Crossfit queen, but this little intro to it was AWESOME. 

Quite frankly, I always wanted to do crossfit bc they have gymnastic rings, and I think I AM a rings involved in this workout.  So here is it.  And you can do it at home.  All you need is something to pull up on and something to jump on.

The goal is to do five circuits of these exercises, nonstop, as fast as you can.

5 pull-ups (if you can't do 5, do what you can...and then start doing jumping pullups)
10 box jumps (we used old fashioned Jazzercise steps.  Mine was 4 steps up, Heathers was 8, some did 2)
15 burpees (basically a squat thrust with a jump)
20 push ups (but you rest on your chest at the bottom of the pushup and raise your hands up, then do another)
25 Walking Planks (plank position to start then down on your right elbow, left elbow, then up on your right arm, up on your left arm...that is one rep.

After you do all of start over with the pull ups and complete the circuit 4 more times.

Let me tell you.  I thought the jumping would be hard.  It was actually like a break.  The burpees SUCK.  The pushups were not that bad, but those walking planks use your entire core and back.  I was a beast.  Just like when I run, I didnt want to stop for a break bc I thought I would never be able to restart.  So I kept going.  And bc the faster you do it, the faster you finish...I was charged.  I lapped my girlfriend.  I finished the entire thing in 29 minutes. 

I sweat when I workout...but usually just a drip drip.  There was a pool of water on my mat under my face.  So gross.  So cool.

We are going to keep doing it on Monday nights...the goal is to increase your own speed.  I will tell you it is motivating doing the same thing as all the other the same time.  And it's so fast past.  We may go to an outdoor park that has pullup bars on Saturday and do the entire thing outside. 

Just wanted to share! 

Happy Humping (it's Wednesday dudes)


  1. That sounds great-I love Bob Harper too!

  2. Congrats on beating Heather :o) bet that doesn't happen very often!

  3. lol happy humping

    sounds like a great workout

    gonna have to try it

  4. You need to come visit and workout at my husband's Crossfit gym. It's crazy what they can get people to try...and actually accomplish!

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  6. Burpees suck! It is like a full on fact. I have never been known as the queen of anything. Now I might wear my tiara for my next workout! :)