Thursday, December 15, 2011

Home Alone. Unsupervised.

Heather is out of town for the night (not too far away though) awaiting the birth of her first niece...and sadly...what I was looking forward to the most...was eating pasta with shit-tons of cheese, some bread with butter (um...Parkay), and ice cream.  And I have.

And it was goood.

Now I am in a food coma.

Is 7:54 pm too early for bed?

Last night we played the game "where-the-hell-is-the-camera-i-bought-you-for-your-birthday".  Which means I just started taking random Wednesday night pictures.  Here are the pigs waiting for Santa.

Me and the little lady.  As white as our little wife beaters.

And speaking of ladies...

So please excuse me while I go drink Pepsi right out of the 2-liter bottle.


  1. Can I just say...I luv you!!! Your blog is so awesome, you always make me laugh and smile.

  2. This makes me miss you so much! lol

  3. Meow! Sounds turn!