Thursday, December 15, 2011

Band Misuse and Abuse

Scene:  Amy on soapbox

A couple of recent events have led me to this post.  And please keep in mind, that I am just shooting from the hip here (which...if you have actually seen my aim with shooting instruments, you would be scurred)...but I have been thinking about how otherwise seemingly smart individuals can either misuse or abuse their bands. 

So, let's pretend that everything is black and white... really so I can lump these misusers and abusers into one of two categories. 

First, we have the Too Too Tighties.  Now I understand the need for restriction.  I know that in the beginning it is the holy bandgrail.  I mean, the band doesn't really work for you until you HAVE restriction right?

And I understand, and have participated in, and also condone...getting a fill when you need it.  Getting a fill when you feel like your eating habits need to be put in check, when your hunger is not only generated from your head...but your tummy.

I dig.

BUT, I do not understand being so tight for YEARS that you cannot, unless baby Jesus or Santa Clause gives you a special pass, get food down before noon.  Or just for s's and g's, what about being too tight for YEARS that you actually have trouble getting water down for a few hours every morning.  I'm sorry dude.  Not cool.  And a lot of us have been too know...after you beg your hot doc for a full cc.  But choosing to use your band in this way is dangerous.  And when you start to experience problems that are most likely a result of being too tight for so long...well...I want to say...did you not think that having this implanted device squeezing so tight for months and months wouldn't lead to issues?

Now to be fair and balanced, let us look at the other end of the misuse and abuse spectrum.  I am talking about those people that go through all the trouble to have surgery...but then never follow up with their doctors, never get fills, never put forth an effort...and then blame the band for the lack of weight loss.  WHAT DID YOU GET THE BAND FOR THEN?  If you werent going to stay in contact with your doctor, if you weren't going to go for fills...what did you think would happen.


Scene:  Amy starts rocking back and forth, muttering "The best way to spend Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear (Elf)"


  1. I'm probably a bit guilty of the not-tight-enough crew, but I don't think that diet and exercise are dirty words. My band HELPS but I don't expect to do it all for me. (We know this from my 6 month-ish hiatus from weight loss. I didn't DO much.) But the hard and cold reality is that I lost my job and therefore the insurance that I expected to cover at least a portion of my fills a month after surgery and I can't afford $150 for 0.1 or 0.2 cc's in or out every other week. I'm willing to use my band as a tool and help it along...I'm scared of being too tight because I know I gained weight when I was too tight. I'd rather be a little too loose and diet a bit than hurt my body/band by being too tight. Ya know?

  2. I agree with this completely. I know I'm not as tight as I could be because I like a little more freedom with my food choices but but I'll take too loose over too tight any day. It just sounds so miserable.

  3. After reading many blogs I'm with you. I'm of the opinion that the band is to make me feel full longer after I eat (the right stuff).. NOT to prevent me from eating at all. Which is why I had no problem going in for an unfill when I was turning into one of those "can't eat before noon" people (why this was happening I don't know, but whatever the reason, I didn't like it)

  4. Yes, this was well said. And as I have spent some time on the second front where I didn't see my doctor for nearly a year, I can completely agree, I wasn't doing he best for me and my band was taking the blame for my not using it right. I am know back on track and I hope after reading this others will too :o)

  5. How have I never read your blog before? As soon as I get home I'm going to start at the beginning! I love those who "just do it!" and you obviously are one of them! I'm adding you to my blog list!

    I also love this post. It is so true. There is a fellow bandster in my home town who is always telling people that the "lap band didnt work for her." I want to scream! You have to get to work... You have to get your fills and make good food choices. It isn't a fix all! I wonder if I could print this post and mail it to her? Ha ha

  6. This is a great post. I have a similar situation at my place of work. Two other ladies have bands but have not lost weight and refuse to cooperate with the "rules" of the lap-band (diet, exercise, fills, etc). I constantly get comments from those two about how the band did not work for them, they are glad it works for me. But I work with my band. It is a tool--like a hammer. Just because you have a hammer does not make you a carpenter. I finally convinced one of the ladies to see my band doctor and she is now losing weight. But she admits that she is not drinking pop and following directions from the doctor.

  7. Right on. I think I'm just right. Problem is chocolate and junk food still goes down ok. I need a band on my brain for awhile. But keep posting stuff like this because we need the constant reminders. And I'm with you about people who never go to their docs after getting the band. Why waste the money (maybe they didn't pay for their surgery like some of us). I am amazed that they would accept no results from the whole thing. Have a Merry Christmas.

  8. Well said. It scares the cr@p out of me when I see people post that they gained back ALL of their weight, even though they are still banded. There is no way I'm going back now that I found out how awesome it feels to be thin.

  9. Hi there! New follower here. I really have to agree with this post. I am at about 4ccs in a 10cc band I'm very comfortable with this fill level, occasionally I start getting a bit hungry after 2.5 hours or so, but it's not all the time and I never want to get so tight I have to worry about liquids. I look forward to getting to know you!

  10. Hi there, been following your blog awhile and it has helped me make the decision to move forward with the band! I wanted you to know you are very inspiring!!

    I have a blog I created to start my journey. If you have interest, it can be viewed:

    Happy New Year! Lisa

  11. Hey there. Enjoying catching up on your blog again. I've been missing myself and have re-focused. I sent you an invite on FB and am going to check out that Nike plus GPS app. I love nike plus and tracking my runs. Thanks for continuing to be yourself and inspiring others while you make them laugh. :)