Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Friends...We Shall Begin Again

Have you ever been gone from Blogger for so long that you want to come back but you dont know where to start.  Like do you do a recap of your absence?  Do you just come out swinging talking about the profound thoughts you had this morning regarding vibrators?  Do you try to think of a funny bathroom related story?  I just couldn't decide.  So I will pretend that I havent been a bad blogger for the last...oh...million weeks.

Hi guys!  Seems like just yesterday that I posted.

Hope all you Stateside had a good Thanksgiving.  As it goes in the Gainey Clan, we spent most of the 4 days hunting.  Now, hunting down here involves dogs.  You let out your dogs and they run the deer, and then you spend most of the time hunting the DOGS in a pick-up truck.  No deer were killed.  Which Heather was a little bummed about because she is determined to kill one so we can have meat.

Here is a picture of me and Fisher.  We don't need real guns...with guns like these.

My Heather and "the other Heather".
Basically, me and "the other Heather" just rode in the backseat while Henry and my Heather were in the front seats doing serious hunting.  Now, when you head out for a day of hunting, you usually get out there around 5 am and may not come home for lunch or anything...until 5 pm.  So I come packing food okay?  I should of takin a picture.  But me and the other Heather would just sit in the back, blanketed in cheetos, chips and dip, bacon, biscuits, pringles, puppy chow.  It was awesome.  It would be 6 in the morning and we would say "um...could you pass me the bacon and pringles please".  Good times.  Good times.

Last week I took a hunters safety class where I got to shoot a bow, a rifle, and a shotgun.  It was totally hot.

I have been shopping for Christmas.  This year I am SO GOING ROGUE and buying people what I want.  No Christmas lists please and thank you.  Remember that Heather doesnt really "do Christmas". It stresses her out and makes her grumpy.  So I already bought her some boots she wanted and she is wearing them already.  But I have a few presents under the tree for her BECAUSE I WANT TOO!  She bought me a Columbia jacket in front of me, and I tickets to an Eric Church concert.  Which excites me in the naughty kind of way.  He is my new man crush.  In fact, the day I announced that he has passed Jennifer Nettles (from Sugarland) in the running for my heart...Jennifer announced she married some model dude.  Coincidence?  No.  I think not.  Clearly she was jealous.

On the weight front, its up a few pounds...around 174. But I aint worried. That's nothing a week of buckling down couldnt cure.  My band is el-loose-o, I think I will wait until January to get a fill.  I am not sure I want to go back to tight band living.  I like to eat with a little more freedom.

On the workout front, things are good.  I am still working on getting bigger muscles.  Lower body is getting a lot of well as my triceps.  A lot of sore muscles.  Mommy likes.

Hope this finds everyone well.

Until we meet again.



  1. Pringles and bacon...the breakfast of champions!!!

  2. Missed your posts! Glad you're well :) Interesting to read about you thinking about not tight band living... cheers!

  3. OMG I laugh so much at your posts. DAMN girl, don't be gone so long! haha I tried to friend you on FB but the damn thing won't let you add a message these days, so you probably thought I was a stalker! hmmm...No...I'm not. :) LOVE your blog and all your pics that you post. Have a great Dec. and fun shopping! Lana in MI (Julana Schaub)

  4. SO glad you are back, you just a frickin ray of sunshine. I don't care what you post about, just post.

  5. Welcome back O' lost one! We missed thee!!

    I need hunters safety. Like bad. NEXT YEAR! Fo sure. Tell Heather, it's ok, Big Bad Hunter Ryan (my hubby) hasn't gotten his deer either.

  6. Profound thoughts on vibrators!?!?! Do tell. You left me hangin'.

  7. Welcome back! Between you and Laura Belle, I'm sure learning about hunting. :) Christmas is meant to be enjoyed, so good on ya!

  8. I missed you... But I knew you was busy. I am glad to hear you're enjoying the holidays... You shoot the thanksgiving turkey or what?

  9. I have been AWOL for a long time...but I am back and catching up on everyones lives too...Welcome back!