Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Like My Ass

In spandex.

Yes.  I said it.

Who would have though.  NOW, it is important to note that I believe there must be "high quality" spandex and "low quality", and it should be noted that I may not like my ass in the low quality, but these UnderArmour compression capri's, which I will call my "running capris" regardless of whether I run in them or not...

make me feel SASSY!  You can find them here if you want to read about them. I mean who doesn't want to read about them?

Anyways, I really never thought the day would come when I wore spandex.  Not at home.  Not in public.  Certainly not to run or work out.  Because mama has hella cellulite on the thighs and assticles.  And you can see a few of these precious dimples in these pants, but not a lot.  I am sorry the picture is poor quality.  I will take a better one.  And Operation Booty pop looks the most pronounced in these pants.  Its like I almost have a bubble butt!

So my point is...well I don't really have usual.

BUT, I have been afraid to try these on and finally summon the courage.  I am glad it turned out in my favor.

I do have a question for those of you who already own such workout pants.  Mine fall down when I run.  They only way I can prevent it is if I pull the bottom of the legs up into my knee crook.  Too big?  Too small?  Too much jiggle?


  1. Lookin' GREAT my friend! :) I will go check those out online.

  2. You look really really good! Congratulations!

  3. HOT! HAWT! HOOOOOOOOOT! (Oh wait, did that spell Hoot?!)

    Even tight spandex tend to fall down on me because my waist is small in proportion to my thighs and behind. Sorry - I have gone so far as to use a hair tie to make the waistband tighter. Sigh.

  4. If they fall down, they're too big! Looking good though!! :) :)

  5. they are to big! I have ventured into the spandex world. They should hold tsnug in place.
    They look cute!

  6. Well I can't really see your ass so I can't say if I like it of not! lol JK

    I'm just a newbie enjoying getting to know everyone....including your ass.(no pun intended)

  7. UMMMM, I can't see your ass in this view but I'm sure it looks great. I think we need a profile to check out the booty pop.

  8. I can't see it either... I see front. LOL. But I've seen your other pics and you are bootylicious. LOL. And there ain't nothing wrong with having a little bit of booty. I love my hips and booty the most. I hope I don't lose them while losing this weight.

  9. Hello, My name is stacey and I am a new follower as of today and I read every entry from 2009 and most of 2010 and the past two months of 2011... I had to skip some cause I have a 5.5 month old baby.. haha. I really am not a neglector of my child but seriously your are an amazing blogger, and woman!! I have booked myself in for a lap band procedure (self pay) on Nov 30th. That was the earliest my husbands work schedule would alow, no he is not against it but it was the best timing wise for his 6 days on 6 days off schedule. He will take 6 days off for holidays and be with me for 18 to help with Jeremy (our son) and let me recouperate. This is a long post already... sorry.. I am so impressed with you for keeping up your blog, I started one in my last months of pregnancy but a baby sure takes up most of your day.. Blah!! Not about Jeremy but about crapping the bed with my goals of being a blogger. And gaining so much weight while pregnant... I was never small. 120 at 12 years old. 235 when I got engaged. 170 at the wedding, 180 when I got pregnant. now 225... again.. I know it is not 327!! but it is high enough for me to take charge. yo-yo diets are garbage and I eat healthy but too much healthy food doesn't work either.

    sorry about the rant!! Just wanted to tell you your awesome!! True to yourself, and I just spent a solid 15 hours today reading all about you.

  10. I hope to be able to say the same soon too! As of now, my ass is spandex looks a buffet of cottage cheese and tapioca pudding!! I literally turn my head when i walk past a mirror in them.