Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well it has been a hot minute since I have checked in my friends!  I realized I haven't said nairy a word since BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY (which was September 8th if you want to put it in your calendar for next year).  I turned 20-12.  It was very low key.  Last year we went out and got drunk and ended up having a little tift if you will, a little alcohol induced argument, so this year I wanted a nice romantic dinner with my girlfriend, starring me.  We went to one of my favorite restaurants on the beach, where my only stipulation was that I could order whatever I wanted to eat and she couldn't give me ANY "oh I can't believe you are about it eat that" glances.  I had an appetizer of onion straws, a main course of steak marsala (about 10 ounces which I ate all of it) and a brownie and ice cream for dessert.  I will tell you my restriction is pretty loose (see the 10 ounce steak statement) and I was actually FULL.  Like, real human being without a band, food in my lower stomach full.  I havent felt that way really, since getting banded.  I remember now how horrible that feeling is.  But it was GOOD. 

Heather bought me a new camera for my birthday, which meant we had to have a self-timer photoshoot on the beach after dinner.  If you are on my facebook, you have seen some of these already...
 This one below I like to call the "Birth Announcement", or in otherwords, "my life partner is pregnant with our love child" announcement.   I am not pregnant, but the placement of Heather's hand makes it seem otherwise. 
 I also mentioned awhile ago that I had a conference in Charlotte this week.  Tonight I am actually getting to meet Nat from The Poky Little Cupcake.  Our hotel has a little pond by it.  Hence the pond shot below.  I am excited to meet Nat, however, I am concerned that I will be drunk by the time we meet at 8:30.  Free drinks at the conference start in 15 minutes.  Good lord.
 Here is another shot from my birthday.
 My parents are house/dog/kitty sitting for us while we are gone.  We went boating in Pensacola before we left and went to Ft. Pickens on Pensacola Beach.  This is Big Al and me (my dad).  Like father like daughter.
I have more to blog about, like the fact that Heather bought me my first pair of spandex UnderArmour Running Capris and I feel like a sexy beast in them, but they fall down when I run.  So I will blog about that maybe later. 

But I must go.  There is free wine to be had.  And mama likes free wine.  And nooners.  Did I mention Heather is here with me?  Vacationing whilst I work?

Toodles my friends!


  1. Looks like a wondermous birthday romatical! And the one in front of the bench is GREAT too!! Have fun with Nat and Heather...enjoy the wine!!!

  2. Love the pics... and just busted out laughing about the "birth announcement" photo. Good times!

  3. Hey we share the same Birthday! Virgo's Rock! Also you had the Birthday dinner i dreamed off, I was on my pre-op liquid diet for mine!!

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday! And the photos of you and Heather are gorgeous!

  5. Yay for nooners!

  6. Just found your blog. You guys are so cute together! The birth announcement made me lol. :)