Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vitamins: The Follow Up

Hi Friends!  After my exciting post yesterday about vitamins, I thought I would throw in the pee pee story for giggles.  Sometimes I wonder what people who ask me to pitch products on my blog think once they read a post about me "allegedly" piddling in a Sumo Suit.

Anyways, some of you guys had questions about my vitamins...so I thought I would answer them.  I have reworded the questions to protect anonymity (or just bc its more fun).

Question #1:  Amy...do you have mad skills or WHAT?  How do you swallow that multi-vitamin menagerie?

I swallow those suckers all at once.  I have always swallowed my pills and never had a problem.  Not even when I was at my tightest restriction.  I think we are all different and I also believe that some of you are a lot tighter than I ever was (but that makes me no less of a lady).  I could always eat breakfast in the morning. 

Question #2:  Why do you take B-12 Princess Amy?

There were just several things my doc and nutritionist wanted me taking post-op and forever and ever.  A multi-vitamin, my calcium, and a sublingual b-12.  Those sublinguals are actually pretty tasty, tiny as a tictac, and kinda tasted like candy.  I requested Dr. Friedman to write me a prescription for the shots just bc some people report feeling a "rush" or energy burst from the shots.  I did not.  Damn it.

Question #3:  Why do you take what you do hot lady?  Why not just a multi?

I had my bloodwork done 2 years post op.  I would think depending on insurance, you could request yours to be done at anytime.  It's fun to find out what's-a-missing.  I was really low in vitamin d, b, etc.  So, they told me what I should be taking and that's why I am taking it.

Question #4:  You don't do calcium chews?  Do you have a swallowing fetish?

Great question audience.  During my  last visit with the nutritionist, she said that personally, she believes Viactive be overrated and there is no difference between the pill and the chew...except price.  My 100 tablets of Calcium chews, from walmart, were about $6. 

Question #5:  I am from Canada.  What is the conversion to Canadian rubles?

 $6 is equal to 1.4 million rubles.  (*please note that I made all of that up and have no idea what I am talking about)

Question #6:  Why Niacin?

This one didn't actually come from Dr. Friedman my WLS doc.  It came from my primary care.  I am genetically doomed to have high cholesterol.  He told me to try niacin, once a day...and it worked!  Then that damn Atkins diet undid what I had been working on for almost a year.  That's okay...back at it now!

K.  I think that covers it!  Toodles.  And remember...you shouldn't be taking your calcium with your other vitamins.  Something about something blocks the absorption of something.  Google it.

Ta ta!


  1. Do you find that you get all red, flushed and itchy from your niacin? It makes me crazy looking and feeling when I take it, so I stopped. Apparently it's not that uncommon, but I find it annoying.

  2. Thanks for the info! I just added B-12 to my mix and I think it has helped.

  3. Swallowing fetish !! Good one !! Thanks for the lol ! :)

  4. I used to be great with taking my vitamins in Florida but now that I am back where I grew up... I grew back down and I am a bit of a slacker. I need to remind myself constantly but I usually get it done. I think I will ask for that blood test though just to make sure I am all good. I loved your PP talk, I am leaky these days and love to hear It's not just my age, and you young sexy things pee a little when you laugh, sneeze, cough too. *M*

  5. Jammy Dancer, niacin flush should be mild, you might need a lower dose. This page explains it a bit: http://www.doctoryourself.com/niacin.html

  6. Hi there Amy, enjoyed this topic of vitamins. I know that you listen to Jillian Michaels. Its because of you that I looked her up on itunes and found out I can get her radio show on podcast. HOT DOG.
    Anyway...I caught an episode where she was talking about vitamins and she said basically that the $9 bottles on the shelves are crap. That a monthly supply of a multi vitamin would run about $30. What do you think about that? Any truth to it? Where do you get your vitamins? I have been taking a prenatal multi....I think they are good... I still have iron/anemia and hair falling out issues so feel that its a good thing to take.
    Just wondering what words of wisdom you have. ; )

  7. Is Niacin over the counter? Its specifically for high cholesterol? Just curious because this has been an issue I've been dealing with. Its slowly creeping up each year, even with the weight loss. Dr said try the fish oil first... or is that fish oil. You see how much I know on vitamins. LOL.