Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Workout

Some of you have asked recently to share what I do when I workout.  I thought I would create a little picture for if you are a visual learner.  It's super, highly little rendering I did in Publisher.  I know Joey is jealous of my graphic art skills.


My hope is that you can click on it and make it bigger.

When we do circuit, we spend 30 seconds at each station, and move quickly to the next station (allowing no more than 10 seconds between stations).  We do six rounds (or circuits), and this takes about 45 minutes.  We only use dumbells and ourself for weight.  We have dumbells at each station, and one of the best things about circuit is you can choose your weight, and customize it for you.  We have a bench for the step up station (think Jazzersize), a weight bench for the chest press/fly station, and a low step for the calve station.

Depending on if I am trying to up my cardio, sometimes I substitute stations and instead of lifting, I jump up and down, do jumping jacks, butt kicks, mountain climbers etc. 

Because I do circuit every day, Monday-Friday, I alternate what I work on.  For example, one day I may do 6 rounds of bicep curls.  The next day I won't do any bicep curls and do 6 rounds of tricep extensions instead.  Others who do circuit might do both and just alternate during the 45 minutes. 

Jess asked me when I lost my back fat rolls or what I do for my back.  I probably lost them around 190 pounds.  Give or take.  I focus a lot on my back now, less on my biceps.  My back is actually one of my favorite parts of my body.  No fat, no stretch marks, and I love how my muscles look.  I never focused on it really, until one day I got a lecture about how a strong back is the foundation for a lot of things (thanks Heather).  So, I do bentover rows using 30 pound dumbells, and pushups and pullups are amazing for it as well. 

When I started working out, doing circuit and bootcamp almost 2 years ago...I could barely hold the plank.  I could barely do push-ups.  I would do a "real" push up, but have to stop on my stomach before going again.  Now I can do 15 reps, at least 6 times.  What I tell everyone who starts circuit with us is that it gets easier...pretty fast...if you stick with it at least 2 times a day.  You start to get stronger quicker than you think.  And as we lose the fat, the muscles start to show themselves and it's pretty exciting!

I hope that helps answering some of the questions.  If there are anymore, just let me know!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Very interesting and helpful. When you were just banded, what types of exercise did you do then? I've only been banded 2 months but I need to get my ass in gear!

  2. 2 times a day? Lordy, I need to get my ass in gear! This is great information, Amy. A lot of this I can do at home. Now I just need to do it!

  3. I am getting ready to sign on the dotted line for a gym and this has been SUPER helpful. Of course, it's packed with shit that I have NO idea what to do with so I'm going to pay for a personal training one or two sessions if I can. Then, go from there. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing! I haven't really incorporated circuit training before. May have to give it a try.

  5. I do something similar at home. I love the concept...and I can do all of it without a whole lot of expense. My "home routine" requires 5 and 8 pound dumbells (although I started with 1.5 and 3 pounds), a ball and a resistance band. I use a timer I downloaded on my phone. This is wayyy more interesting to me than spending 45 minutes on the eliptical...which I also do 3 days a week. You gave me a great idea for my own blog post! Thanks!

  6. Way to go on that workout :) VERY kewl!

  7. That's a rockin' workout.

    Promise you'll post a vlog of yourself doing "squarts." Only you, Amy... ;)

  8. Circuit sounds like a Curves workout....ONLY HARDCORE!

    I'm very proud of you Amy. You've come a long way and your effervescence about life in general is so welcoming and refreshing...yes like a Sunkist!

    Keep looking can do amazing things girl!

  9. I think about you every day in the gym... I say to myself... Amy didn't always love this, You'll get to enjoy it... Keep at it, and try harder!

  10. I think your Heather and my trainer heather are cut from the same cloth. The exercises you do are almost identical to what I do in a typical session with Heather. I am great at planking now, but pushups kick my ass. I'm so glad you have Heather to workout with. :)