Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carbs Carbs Everywhere And Only Meat to Eat

Kids.   First, let me say thank you for all the advice and comments on your Atkins experience.  I am on day three, and according to you should be cake after this.


Sorry.  That happens a lot lately.  Heather was lecturing me today on the idea of using sunscreen and I said "Oh really?  Did you use sunscreen last week when you bleached the porch and got fried like a little piece of crisp bacon?"

And then I said..."At least I could EAT YOU"!!!!

But for realz, I am plugging along.  It's going okay.  I bought little ketosis pee sticks...havent tinkled on the magic wand yet...but that should be fun.  No stinky breath for me just yet either.  I am dreading that the most.  I accidentally found myself in the candy aisle at Walgreens today.  I thought I was going to drop dead right there.  I made it out.  But it was hard dog.  It was hard.

Oh.  This is what I had for brunch.
The Baconator from Wendys...minus the bread of course.  Sweet mother was a little much.  I think I am set for a couple days on hamburgers.  It was tasty though...just a hellova a lot of meat.

Sweet greasy kisses to you and yours~!


  1. I know you are tired of bacon, but oh my ga! Bacon. Mmmmm...bacon. Baaaaaaaaacon. *ahem* Keep on trucking, sister! If you conquered the candy aisle, you can do anything.

  2. You are doing great... You will win that challenge for sure!

  3. That pic of the Baconator looks like a halluvalot of some good eatin'. I love me some meat. and bacon. mmmmm! I'm 99.99% positive if you made it through the candy aisle; you've got this! :)

  4. Oh that looks yummy! And Amy right now I can only eat pureed foods with no added sugar! So don't be jealous of my diet! lol You a awesome and I know your totally going to kick this challenge in the tuckus

  5. You had to post a pic huh? NOw I have to have a burger.

  6. Fish might be a good option as least for the long haul.

  7. Oh yum...that looks delish! And if you haven't tried them...Eclipse Powerful Mints are my favorite for keeping the breath un-stinky. They're super strong and sugar free.

  8. I never could stick to the Atkins well. I am not a big meat eater anyway and if I liked tofu at all (I hate it!) I would be a vegetarian in a heartbeat.

    I have been checking out that primal blueprint thing that Amanda told us about the other day and it's pretty much the same principal of the caveman diet.