Monday, March 14, 2011

I like Big Things

HI FRIENDS! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I did. Guess what I did (well, for those of you on my already know...)

I drove this!

It's called a skidder. And I don't mean I drove it around the yard. I took this baby out on the main street. Which, is probably illegal...but hey...


We went to Defuniak Springs on Saturday just to hang out with Heather's family. Her granny and grandpa own a logging business and this is one of their machines. The clan was all helping a neighbor remove trees, and I said "I wanna drive that thing"...and God love em...they said okay. I love Heather's people. They just hand you a gun, or large tractor...and let you learn.

Heather's uncle let me crawl into the cab, and he got in and told me to start it up. I drove it about 2 miles, passed Granny along the way in her car, almost ran her off the road. I was laughing the entire way. The seat was super bouncy, the steering wheel super sensitive, and I was scared of swiping passing cars, houses, and mailboxes. But everyone lived. Mailboxes included.

Yesterday I did some housework, which included cleaning the glass sliding doors. Later in the day, Heather was sitting on the back porch and I was carrying her a beer....and I ran smack into the glass. I thought the door was open. Not so much. I almost broke my finger. Good times. I must be a really good glass cleaner!

I have been working on my dips on the roman chair. This is not me. Sigh.

Last week I set a goal to do 10 consecutive dips (I could only do 5 at the time). I thought it would take me a couple of months to do it. Well...I did it today. That's a nice NSV. I did dips every circuit (we do 6). And on the 3 set is when I managed to do 10 in a row. Every other time I just do 5 and then hold in the position above.

Two weeks from this Saturday I will be running my first 5k. It is the 5k that I have done every April since surgery. This will be my 3rd time. I walked the first two times...but I am ready to run it. I am not worried about it...I would just like to have a nice time. It's out on Pensacola Beach, not too big of a race, and goes towards rape crisis victims. I will keep you posted for sure.

Just 3 weeks left in the Biggest Loser competition here at work. I am SO ready for it to be over. I don't like having to worry about losing all the time. I like maintaining and just being healthy...the stressing over pounds loss is poo poo caca these days.


  1. You cleaned the hell out of that door. ROFLMAO...I swear you need to install video cameras in your house so that we can see this stuff.

    I still can't believe you drove that darn thing.

  2. I have run into a glass before, it scares the crap out of you, doesn't it? The big machine looks cool, and good luck on the race and the Biggest Loser thing, keep us posted!

  3. Holy cow! You cracked me up! I'd be too scared to drive that thing. I took down a screen door once. How dumb do you have to be to run into a SCREEN door? Good luck on the 5k!

  4. My Little Amy Sunshine... Is like my real life Pippi Longstocking. No adventure too small or too big! I can see the face you made when you walked into the door in my mind... You're like a cartoon character there.

  5. Whoa!!! I'm in awe of the 10 consecutive dips. I'm going to need some time to recover from that!!! You go!

  6. Those dips are insane! Good for you! And good luck with your 5K. I am planning on surgery next month and hoping to run a 10K in October . . .maybe a bit ambitious, but we'll see. Keep us posted. :-)

  7. We have a Biggest Loser competition starting on April 9th at our gym. Thinking about joining, but if I have to weigh in front of people, no dice.

    You saying you almost ran Heather's Granny off the road reminded me of the time when I first started dating my husband and we were driving together. This old lady cut us off and I flipped her the bird (didn't realize how old she was until my finger was up) and Dave shouts out, "Holy Shit, that's my Aunt!" Great. Luckily the woman couldn't see for anything so she didn't recognize me when I finally got to meet her a few weeks later. Doesn't seem as funny writing it down, but it was hilarious at the time.

    Congrats on those dips. Do you have a certain exercise you follow? You might have already posted it. If so, can you give me the link to the post? If not, can you post again some time?

  8. P.S. I like BIG things too, but usually there aren't wheels attached. ;)

  9. I wonder if I'll EVER be able to do those dip things...perhaps I should work towards that. Wow...very impressive!

  10. "...she thinks my tractors sexy."!!! lol thats all I could think when I started reading.

    I cant wait to here how the 5k goes! good luck!

  11. I like your style :o) That is one big trackor!!

    Good luck in your run and have fun with it :o)

  12. When I was a kid, our neighbor lady ran into our glass door TWICE. Not in the same day, but never-the-less, you'd think that a person would remember that from the first time around. Congrats on your NSV of 10 dips! That's awesome!!

  13. I bet the birds were sitting up on the electric wires watching and laughing at you for running into the door (you know, like they do in the commercials!) You rock with the dips! I WILL get there some day!