Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day Three Of Post-Goal: My Brain Hurts

Yesterday, I was the blogger of the day on the BOOBS blog. And just in case you guys don't frequent the BOOBS blog, let me just tell you that the comments there, and the comments that were left on my Goal Posts...made me cry. I read some of them to Heather, and cried all over again.

I can't thank each of you enough, whether your follow my blog officially, whether we ever talk outside of blogland or not...I want to thank you for your love, your words, your support, your smart mouths (you know who you are), your encouragement, and for sharing my tears, my ups and downs, and my journey with me.

I said as much on the BOOBS post yesterday, but I swear to you that I am constantly surprised by the fact that I have apparently fooled some of you into believing I am anything but just me...haha....I am afraid when you get to meet me in real life you are going to be like..."Really? That's it?" But if all else fails, I will let you rub my port baby and...come on...who doesn't love rubbing port babies?

But in all honesty, my journey is your journey. I have shared all of this with you, and am lucky enough in many cases, to tag along with YOU.

So. Thank you for helping me get here. the brain pain. you realize how hard to is to start to change your thinking from LOSE LOSE don't even know what I am supposed to be thinking.

It's like in my head I still think: Gotta weigh myself. Gotta lose another pound this week. Can't eat that. Gotta really watch my calories today so I can continue to LOSE LOSE LOSE.

It's a trip.

And I am not sure how to start thinking otherwise. I suppose it doesn't happen overnight, but I will let you know how it all works out.

In other news, my body is constantly sore. I have begun to think that either this is because I am a) OLD or b) working out a smidge too much...or c) all of the above. Maybe something will just always be sore now?

Some of you have asked for a little update on what my workouts and eating look like. I will make a separate post for that...just in case you are getting bored.


  1. Don't worry -- you'll get used to the new mindset and maintaining! At some point, your body just won't give up any more weight and then you'll know that you are done. I showed your comparison photos to a good (non-bandster) friend yesterday, and she was blown away by how awesome you look!! Congratulations, Amy -- you rocked the cr*p out of that band!! :)

  2. I second Catherine's emotion there! And I've shown your before and after to everyone I know they are all amazed

  3. I was going to say the same thing that Catherine said when I was reading your post. Maintain, maintain, maintain is the new mantra. Like Catherine I showed your comparison pics to a friend and she was so amazed. You have done so well and are my idol!!

  4. My husband Steve has even made me show your before/after to people when we are talking about the band and success stories! He loves you too!

  5. Hell...I say that if your current lifestyle as far as eating isn't so uncomfortable or restrictive, why not just keep living your life as you have been and let your body do what it will do.

  6. You deserve all of the praise and love because your honesty and humor have helped so many of us. And as far as the soreness - I'm guessing b. You are nowhere near old.

  7. I am a new follower to you and a few other bandsters and I am totally moved and excited and pumped all because of reading your blogs. I can not wait for the changes in store and it keeps me motivated that you have done so well! I too have decided to blog and although I don't have to much info about my band, as I am at least 4 months out, but it will be a good support system I hope! Continued success and thank you again for being an inspiration! ~A

  8. What size are u at 168lbs?? You look fabulous!