Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Been 24 Hours Since My Last Confession

Did I ever tell you that when I was little I wanted to be Catholic? I thought it would be the coolest religion because you got to wear a pretty necklace (later I found out you don't really wear rosaries, but still), you also got to the very theatrical cross sign AND could kneel on the padded part of the pew. Totally good reasons to choose a religion no?

That was just a random Amy tidbit that doesnt really have to do with anything.

Then, I was pretty sure I should become a Buddhist because the Dali Lama is the MAN, and I think we would totally hit it off over a dinner of cheetos, sunkist, and rice. I do believe in karma and energy, and if that's true...I probably have a shit load of negative chi or juju coming my way...


Random. I am random.

Back to the confession.

I cannot tell you the last time I consumed water on a regular basis. Probably about the same time my world started to be full of flying pink elephants and dancing maybe 3 weeks ago? It's shameful.

I have also eating cheetos every day except today.

And hold your breath my loves...Wednesday I drank...A REGULAR SUNKIST! I know. I wasn't going to tell you. I had been over 5 months clean and sober, but they didnt have a diet sunkist at the grocery store so I was going to drink a regular pepsi just so I didnt have the Sunkist...and then I said...JUST DO IT AMY! And I did.

I expected a rush that one might liken to a meth addict taking a hit after nearly half a year. I expected my veins to be on fire with the joy juice. I expected heart palpitations. What I found didnt taste as good as diet! that was good.

I bailed on Zumba and Mary twice. Shameful. We went last night though. Mary even got called up on stage during our favorite routine...the kickboxing. Her face turned a beautiful shade of fuchsia and her neck broke out in that weird blotchy pink. It was good times! She was nervous the entire time because she thought every could see your woo-woo. I giggled.

So I have been off track and the scale hasnt been too hateful. Up a few pounds but I okay with that. I am easing back into it and am not worried. I even posted on LapBandTalk for the first time in months and months.

I have been dropping it like it's hot at work this morning.

I have been unprofessional. I am coming back! hahah :)

Happy Tuesday!

Maybe you think for a second didnt I? You stopped and it only Tuesday?

Happy Thursday friends!


  1. So glad you are back! I am going to miss Zumba while I recover. I will just keep walking!

  2. Yeah, the pews are indeed padded - but that does not help! They make you kneel on them so long and your little knees start to hurt! Good luck on getting back on track! And drink that water, lady! <3

  3. Very well child - now for your penance say 5 Hail Mary's, 3 Our Fathers and the Act of Contrition - Go in Peace to love and serve the Lord.
    EEWW I hop I don't get struck down for that LOL

  4. AMY, AMY, AMY!!!

    She is Baaaaaaacccck!!1

    This post made me smile. Gonna make me go find your post on LBT(I'm such a stalker)!!!

    On the Sunkist tip, I'm that way with Raspberry Soda from Walmart and salt. I can't eat anything that is salty now. I used to love eating chips but now when I eat them my lips pucker. Sodas are so sweet now because I have been steering clear of sodas/sugar.

    Just to let everybody know....I got approved, I got approved (Amy already knew). I'm gonna start my blog soon. I think....!!

    AMY, AMY, AMY!!!

  5. I wanted to practice Buddhism once. Then I realized the whole point was detachment from "things" and I just couldn't do it. I like "things" too much!! Jewelry and clothes and food and gadgets! So I guess I traded Buddhism for Shallowism. Or Consumerism. Oy!

    I really enjoy hearing that you splurge every once in a while and you still look as amazing as you do. It gives me hope that even when I fall off (which I will - a life without the occasional Cheetos is no life at all!) I'll be able to pull it back together. =)

  6. Oh my gosh! So full of energy today - are you still on a sugar rush from the fully-loaded Sunkist? :)

    Fun post!

  7. Also: Congrats on being approved, Pamela! I'll keep an eye out for your blog!!

  8. What's up w/ your attraction to bald guys?? LOL Don't worry....I am too... favorite meal is Cheetos and Coke!!

  9. I missed you and your cheesey little blog! So glad you are back - two blogs in two days! YAY! Must watch the vlog, though, can't do that here...must sit down long enough...dangit....

    Cool beans that the regular Sunkist wasn't so good!

    Yay, she's back!!!

  10. Glad you're back... and I work for the Catholic church so I get my fill of guilt that way!!! (LOL) Thanks again for your post yesterday. Got me thinking big time.

  11. Well if you were Catholic, you'd have to serve that Sunkist with a healthy side of guilt. Trust me, we cradle Catholics can find guilt in any situation. Glad you're back and glad the loaded Sunkist wasn't all that you thought it would be.

  12. Missed you and your wonderful randomness!!! As a catholic, I can assure you that the novelty wears off.

  13. We are gonna have to work out a 12 step program...I wonder how one would even start to step out of this sh@*

  14. It's easy to get lost when there are a lot of people watching you, believe it or not. If you've got a lot of nervous energy going on, I say start writing a damn book. It'd sell.

    And you still have a goal to pursue. As someone who has gotten to the same point in weight loss 3 times and then gotten too comfortable once at a certain weight, I know what you're feeling and I just don't want you to have to do it several times over. You're a rock star, don't forget that. Now go out there and kick ass like one. :)

  15. So happy you came back to us all...don't ever do that again...unless it's absolutely necessary.

  16. Glad to have you back. And ok, so I'm not Catholic but you sounded like one of my friends who is when you talked about the sunkist episode. haha.

  17. I love your blog... it's honest, hopeful, random, funny, and totally inspirational... It's everything I dream my blog will be one day... I just started at the beginning of May, one day I shine and another I just stare at the blank page... It's like that Natasha Bedingfield song, I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined... I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned.... I love that song!

  18. You like diet sunkist better....revelation!!!! Good work

  19. Oooh broke out of the mold and had that sunkist - well, I say GO YOU! Lifes too frigging short. If you want it, have it. It was a momentary lapse and I know you will get back to your normal diet soon enough. I hear you on the water side of things. I've been slack drinking mine too!

  20. I have to ask "whats with everyone drinking soda?" My Dr forbids soda. He says it can stretch the pouch. Only 2 things are forbidden. Soda and gum. Love random, I only think in random.

  21. Hi Amy,

    I have been stalking you for a couple of months now. I have read your entire blog and you have given me hope and determination. My Doctor had been giving me hoops to jump through for 7 months and today I finally got her referral to see a surgeon. You have been an inspiration to me and have moved me toward getting the band done instead of the RNY.


  22. You never cease to make me smile! Truly you have missed your calling...write a book, comedy circuit...something out there is calling your name. We will all say we knew Amy when...sigh. :)
    Surgery Date; May 25

  23. that is so funny because when i was little i wanted to be catholic too! i grew up methodist where we stayed at church all day on sunday but i had an aunt who was catholic and her church only lasted an i always begged to go with parents rarely let me