Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Holy Hackers


The scariest thing just happened! I came to log into my blog and it said it had been disabled!!!!

Last night, as some of you are aware because you received wonderful emails from me applauding an overpriced laptop, my Gmail account was compromised. Apparently everyone in my contact lists got this wonderful email from "me".

I know that some of you will be sad to hear that it was not really me emailing with such great deals if you were to only send a check overseas!

Apparently Gmail/Blogger locked my account until I could change some things up.

So if you noticed by blog was missing, fear not...I am here!


  1. I had a hunch it wasn't you, especially when the e-mail read "these great deals will bring you joy!" Sunkist maybe, computer deals...not so much!

  2. Girl when I saw an email from you I got excited then I read the email.....I wish there was a face for when you do your lips to the side, LOL cause thats what I was doing.

    I knew someone had hacked. Dang hackers!!

  3. Whew! What would we have done without you? ;)

  4. Yes, that email was funny and obviously not from you!

    This line totally cracked me up:
    It is conviced that you will get benefits and joys.

    LOL! Glad to hear that GMail is stepping up and helping you resolve the problem.

  5. LOL I was wondering why you were sending that email to me! it cracked me up too!

  6. LOL... glad to know... and didn't think it was from you!

  7. So scary and funny at the same time. You really did hook me up with a great laptop deal. :)
    I'm a little upset I'm not your Good Friend.

  8. I had the same thing happen with my hotmail account, I have even had to change my email adrress to a new one so i dont have to deal with it anymore, it kept happening..
    Good luck
    xx Nene

  9. I got that email and I am like whaaaaaaaaatt?? I resisted on buying a lap top

  10. WHAT? I bought a laptop last night cuz you told me to. Now you owe me $600. Thank you.

  11. I did notice! And I was about to leave a scathing facebook status tagging you and then everyone on both our friends list woulda known.....so glad I checked for the blog again before I did so :) (ok, maybe not so scathing)