Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'm Starting A DietBet...wanna play?

So a few weeks ago I noticed a facebook friend was organizing a weight-loss competition through a website called DietBet.

Have you heard of it?

At the time, I had not.

Historically though, I do moderately well through organized weight-loss competitions...mainly because I feel more accountable since others are involved.  We used to do them through our work, and Heather ran them.  I came in second once...but I never took the first place slot (hence...the moderately well).  So, I decided to check the website out.

The competition I selected last's for 4 weeks, and if you lose at least 4% of your total weight, you split the pot with other 4% or more losers that have signed up in your competition.

Sounds easy enough right?

The website, through their employees they call "referees" verify your weight and weight loss through pictures you submit.  There are little tricks that they use to make sure they try as hard as they can to eliminate cheating.  For example, on official weigh in days, you are assigned a secret word that you must write on a piece of paper and put in the picture with your scale.

ANYWHOOZLE, if you would like to sign up...come on!  It's $35 to "play".

Here is the link: http://diet.bt/t4qYj5

My competition is called "Down with the el bees (lbs)".

You can play.  Your family and friends can play.  The more that sign up, the more money in the pot!

If you would like to read the rules...you can click here.

If you would read how it works, click here.

And yes.  This means I will have to break my new years resolution and get the scale out.  But I don't think my plan of not weighing is behooving me in the "my clothing fits" departments.  I might just have to admit defeat!


  1. I'm considering joining you on the diet bet... I need a serious kick in the rear!

  2. This has nothing to do with the DietBet but I love your blog! You make me laugh and I always look forward to new posts!

  3. I am so tempted. I would need to lose just over six pounds. Hmmm....can I do that?

  4. I did a 6 month diet bet that began in October of last year. It was awesome, I made about $300 and won a fitbit flex (but I already had one so I returned it to amazon for the $100 amazon money credit). I will definitely do one again after baby boy is born!

  5. Great idea! I'll be cheering you guys on!

  6. I've heard of this and considered doing it in the past. I think I'm going to hold off joining one until I've been cleared for the gym. Good luck!