Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Green Panties And Green Drinks Make My Heart Pitter Patter

So, each year here in good old Pensacola, there takes place a run for St. Patricks day called the McGuires Prediction Run.  It is just a 5k, and you predict your finish time and whomever finishes closest to their predicted time...wins.  And a few people show up for this run...somewheres around 13-17 THOUSAND people.  And for the most part, the majority of them will be drunk in under an hour.  Although I have been a Pensacolian since 2006, I personally have never participated in this race for two reasons.

#1.  Thousands of drunk people crammed into a parking lot sounded like a nightmare and...
#2.  I was secretly worried that I would have to fist fight one of Heather's 423 ex-girlfriends who used to pop up on our outings and try to touch what is mine.

But this year...I had a new attitude. 

#1.  Instead of letting drunk idiots annoy me, I WOULD BE one of the drunk idiots. and...
#2.  I am secure enough in my relationship and Heather's love for me that I don't have to worry about dirty old ex-girlfriends anymore.

In fact, the night before as we were cuddling on our little couch I said to Heather...

Me:  "It only took 5 years, but I finally trust you and believe in your love enough that we can I feel confident in doing the McGuires run".

Heather:  "Good.  I've finally got you right where I want you....took long enough".

She thought that was hilarious.  

I did not.

So here is our posse.  Seriously, I know that Rachel, Bethany, and I look like we just rolled out of bed looking precious, but it took us at least a month to build that outfit.  Heather and Toddrick are twinsies, and that's good old Beau Beau on the end.  He's our sober sister.  He no drinkie.  Ever.  

 Me and the little lady.  Notice my rear toe point?

 I was worried my lady lips might be on display in my green panties.  But it turns out...they were bundled up and out of the way...Toe point.

Yes.  An action shot.

Well, here's what happened.  We were really thirsty.  And so we found a bar around mile 1.25 and bought some vodka and o.j.  It was probably 9:30 in the morning.  Did I mention this was the best race ever?

Now, once you finish (which are prediction time was 37:04 to allow for the crowd, but we actually finished in 59 MINUTES and that is with cutting off a mile by taking a shortcut...but anyways, once you finish you get unlimited Irish Wakes.  They are this delicious concoction of 3 different kinds of rum, blue Curaco, and orange juice.  Rachel is demonstrating how to drink two at the same time.  Sometimes we make our life partners so proud.  I had at least 7 of these little juices.

Okay...maybe I had more than 7.  WHO'S COUNTING?

On our walk back to the car, we had to cross train tracks.  TOE POINT.

But the fun wasn't over.  Back to the hizzie for more fun.  Ladder Golf.  That's Bucci.  He's from Italy.  You may call him the Italian Stallion.

And finally, one with Heather smiling that pretty smile...and Bucci trying to determine what's really up that skirt...


  1. I had a low key St. Paddy's day so I'm glad I could live vicariously through you. Looks like so much fun! It's great you have such a great group of friends to hang out with.

  2. Sometimes I just want to move to Pensacola to hang and toe point with you and your friends. It looks like so much fun!

  3. Oh my goodness! You made this event even more interesting by these wonderful outfits. These green drinks look so yummy. But dear I don’t have time to make a smoothie in morning. So I am thinking to take Green supplements that have all natural ingredients that have been used in smoothies. Isn’t that a good idea?