Monday, February 23, 2015

Food Prep And Nearly 3 Months Without Weighing

Well, a couple of things to touch base on.

First, as you may recall, I gave up weighing myself for 2015.  It's been a weird little experiment.  There are some days when I wish I could get on, just to see where I am at...but most days...I don't really care about not being able to weigh.  It has been "different" not being able to use the scale to judge my successes or failures.  It's kinda hard to put into words, and if you are blogger that can't put thoughts into words, well you might as well just hang up your blogger hat and start doing youtube videos.

I won't ever get to that point.

So, let's change the subject to...


 Please note that the two pictures above are not MY food nor my kitchen.  We don't have granite okay? I just wanted to give you a great example of food prep.  The pictures below are mine.  You are welcome.

Food prepping is serious business kids.  And while I have done the "Amy Workman" version of food prepping since I was banded (aka "the half ass approached") with my soups and other foods I make, I haven't prepped a whole week of foods for both me and the old lady (she is NEARLY 38 okay), making sure each dish contained good clean items, late on a Sunday evening.  Whilstever (let's make that a real word shall we), even though my non-scale year is progressing just nicely and all of my work pants still fit...I have perhaps noticed my jeans getting a smidge tighter so I decided it was time to pull back the reigns on the junk food wagon and make a plan.

I do so much better with a plan.

So I went to Sam's and bought $15 worth of Organic chicken breast.  I was going to just by the Sam's brand, but the breasts were the size of my head and all I could see where the chest heavy chickens from Food Inc that had been pumped so full of steroids and growth hormones that they couldn't even walk...


that's depressing....

That I decided to get the organic for a few extra bucks.

So I grilled all 8 of those bad boys up last night and made some quinoa and diced sweet potatoes.  And made four meals with those ingredients (I still have 4 of the grilled chicken breast left over).  That lunch as anywhere from 400-450 calories and nearly 37 grams of protein.'s kind of boring.  Basically because it's a) not covered in cheese, b) there is no bread involved and c) doesn't come with a side of ice cream.

See the joy in my face:

mmm....I can feel my jeans loosening up already.

I have also of course, been drinking my water.

Water is stupid.

In addition to my chicken dish, I made a batch of my Creamy Chicken Divan Soup....because that soup is my jam.  You can find my recipe for that here. We will alternate said meals for our lunches.  For breakfast, on days we lift, we will have a protein shake.  I use my immersion blender and put in a cup of frozen fruit. This is my favorite protein powder.  I like Creamy Vanilla because it goes well with all my fruit, but it comes in all kinds of flavors.  It is also zero carbs....if you care about such things.
When you are looking for a protein powder, want a Whey protein isolate.  K?

On days we don't work out, Heather will probably eat her steel cut oatmeal with two eggs over medium on stop.  Uh. Barf.  Today I had 2 pieces of bacon and some Grape-Nuts.  I like me some breakfast meat.

For din din, I will cook whatever and just monitor portions.  My meals aren't usually my problem areas.  The band still keeps me from eating TONS of food, although with little restriction, I can still eat a good deal.  But my problem is when I come to work without bringing a lunch...that means I am probably going to go out to eat.

And mama loves her original chicken sammie from Burger King, no lettuce, extra mayo.  Seriously.  I want that warm white fat cream oozing out the sides.

See.  Problems.

And then my snacking at work.  I am a grazer.  And I like to graze on junk.

So to be prepared for such grazing I portioned out a nut mixture and a string cheese.


wooooo....big exhale....

I am going to TRY and not drink at home.  Like...the good kind of drinking.  The kind that pairs oh so nicely with four Benadryls.  ALCOHOL!  I've kinda got into a sad habit of drinking almost every night.  Not in EXCESS, but 2 beers...or a bottle of wine.  SO, needless to say, those are easy calories to cut when trying to ensure your sexy jeans fit.  I will allow myself beverages outside of the at kickball or Tough Mudders.  And this isn't forever dudes...Just for a little while.

This weekend we actually went out AFTER the sunset.  We are in bed by 8:30pm kind of girls.  Ya know?  But our friends Bethany and Todd invited us to a "cowboy bar".  I use that term loosely as there were only about 4 actual cowboys and possible 500 chodes (urban dictionary it if you must...but it's almost synonymous with douchebag).  We had a great time though and nearly closed that joint down!  I was bootscooting booging, cha cha sliding, tush pushing, and wopping the hell out of some dancing.  The next day my hammies and traps and booty were sore.  It was sweet.  However, we were also very tired. This picture is a little grainy bc I had to enhance the color, but I think you can get the jest of how precious we are.  My hair was not in a side braid upon arriving at the bar, but this was the first hair transition due to the fact that I sweat like a wildebeest in heat when I even dance just for a few minutes. By the time we got home all of my makeup had melted and my hair was piled on top of my head.

The next morning I woke up to find a 5-way spoon happening in our bed.  But not with other humans..just us and 3 dogs.  The puppies were on either side of Heather, and I was spooning Bear (black and white pictured here), and Bubba our white bully was on the other side of me.
And because of our new Fitbits, we had to go out into the sunshine to make sure we got our 10,000 steps for the day.  OOH, speaking of that.  With all my country line dancing on Saturday night, I went to bed with at least 22,000 for Saturday and had nearly 2,000 by 1am.  Haha.

I will leave you with a picture of the pups from our run on Saturday morning.  They are just so cute.

Happy Monday y'all.


  1. You two look great! Love the spooning with the dogs... lol.

  2. Thanks Ladies! Luka Beth-I sent you a message. Did you get it?

  3. Thanks Ladies! Luka Beth-I sent you a message. Did you get it?

  4. Seriously with those jeans, mama! Goodness! I'm ALL about the Sunday food prep. It changed my life.

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