Tuesday, February 10, 2015

15k Recap: Hot Ham Wallets, Shots, and Disapointment

no one is paying attention to me at the finish line.  I didn't let it stop me.
I apologize for the delay in posting the results from our 15k race on Saturday.  I know that many of you probably lost sleep and even possibly called in to work on Monday because you were waiting on pins and needles to find out if I beat my time from last year.  It is with great sadness that I tell you that...I am now in fact in worse shape than one year ago.  OKAY.  FINE.  I don't know if that is totally true, but last years time was 1:33 (one hour, thirty three minutes), and this years time was 1:45.  Droopy balls that is not good.  But, in my defense, I did have to stop at the porta-potty at mile 6 and there were just 4 people in front of me...three of them dudes...so I thought it would go really quick but I swear, hand to 7pound toddler Jesus, that these men all took poops in that porta-potty and thus...I lost at least 5 minutes of precious time.  Oh well.  Such is life.  

Heather totally killed it and just gets better with age...like a fine lesbian wine.

Our mean mug
 And yes.  Rachel and I found our Monte Cristos and ate those little suckers up.  It was delicious...and oh so wrong that it had to be right.
ham wallets with a side of fries
And it's a damn good thing we did finally eat, because earlier, when we were standing in the beer line...I looked down and saw this little guy laying on the pavement.
 And I got excited because at first I thought it was a potato, then I thought maybe someone dropped their fresh baguette and that I could pick it up and eat it...but alas...it was just a rock.  I went to get Rachel's attention to tell her how funny and starving I was and she was already staring at the potential food source thinking the same thing I was!  So, I picked up that little dinner roll shaped rock and now it's on display in my living room.
Watching Heather blabber to a friend...while I am waiting for a couple's post race picture.

Well then Higgie (blue shirt), decided to buy us shots.  And I am not a grown up shot taker.  Let's take a look.
 Yeah.  I loves shots.
 Just kidding.  Let me hold my nose.
 Higgie and Rachel already consumed theirs....
I put all of  mine in my mouth, but it was too much liquid.  I have a band for Godssake...so I spit it all back in my cup...and on myself.
Stop laughing at me.  Heather was telling me that I had to drink my spit shot.

So I did.  Me no likey.
Well that pretty much sums it up. Besides the fact that I am apparently regressing in my running, it was a wonderful day.

Happy Tuesday friendsters!


  1. I'm not sure why but it just makes me happy that you have the potato rock displayed in your living room. :) Way to be a beast (regardless of your time!)

  2. OMG! How horrible is it that you can't shot or skull with a band!!! My social life is over!!! I am just getting used to doing shots (some go down better than others) but my skull racing days are over!