Monday, June 7, 2010


Do you know what I just realized?

It has been nearly 6 months since my last fill! That is mind blowing. And the crazy thing is...I still don't need one.

In those 6 months I have lost over40 pounds. I am certainly looser than I was after my last fill, but still...that doesnt mean I need another one. I can eat foods that when I was at my tightest I could not eat, but fill.

For example, at my tightest I could only eat 1/4 of my Spaghetti O's. Last night I ate an entire can. At my tightest I couldnt have dreamt of eating a roll. Now, on a good night...I may be able to.

Since Gen posted moons ago about thinking about restriction in a different light, I have tried to really pay attention to if I need a fill. Instead of thinking "I don't get stuck that much" or "I can eat more types of food", I think in terms of how long can I go before I am really hungry? Do solids hold me? Do I feel real hunger.

It's really very interesting.

As for the lack of weight gain this last month, that's a miracle and a blessing. I wasn't pushing the envelope or eating super bad, but I wasnt really present in my eating. If I wanted cheetos, I ate cheetos. It was nice to be free of my scale. It was very strange that I couldnt or didn't weigh. It was freeing though.

Now my scale lives with my at my sisters. Now I am trying to be aware of my eating habits. Now the damn scale is up.



*oh, p.s. As for the title of my post *WORD*, I have decided after seeing Sex and the City 2 and hearing Samantha say it...I am joining the movement to bring it back.

So today, whenever anyone says anything that you agree with...just say it.

For example, a conversation might go like this:

Someone: "I can't wait to see Amy's panty port show".
You: "Word".


  1. I am soo happy you are listening to your body signals. That is one of the hardest parts to master! Amy you are amazing. Much love

  2. I haven't seen sex in the city 2 but have recently brought "word" back on my own... interesting!

  3. Word! SATC2 was so the bomb. I'm gonna bring that word back too.

    Amy you're not following me :-(.

  4. Maybe it's just me, but I never knew it went away completely. But then I am the same girl who still uses terms like "Solid" (while making a fist), refers to people as "The Man", somehow manages to sprinkle groovy and funkadelic into everyday conversations and honestly wishes she could have spent her early 20's on the floor or VIP rooms of Studio 54.


  5. And that should have read on the DANCE floor. Maybe after 1 too many drinks it would have been the literal floor though.

  6. Loved the movie!! If anyone can bring back a word its you!! :P

  7. Word baby, word!!!!!!

  8. Is it too soon for word to your mother?
    Love ya!

  9. Word on the fills, Amsters! Hey, could you elaborate on what you are eating now and how your view towards hunger has (or maybe hasn't) changed? I've been thiking about it a lot lately, and I think I was expecting too much. I would love an experienced bandster's input right now!

  10. Word sister.. hated the movie though!! But love the WORD!!!

  11. i didn't know the WORD movement ever went away lol i ALWAYS say it, i like using it in every which way!
    as a question "oh, word?"
    response "word."
    exclamation "WORD!"

  12. What a minute, you mean "word" went out of style...not at my house!

  13. WORD! So, I just wanna say that your blog keeps me from being totally depressed right now. I am approved for lap band, but have to work out some scheduling issues before I can set a date-should be late summer/early fall. I've been waiting for almost a year and a half to have this done and I am just beside myself with anty-ness. ANYwho, reading this gives me focus and something funny to read! Thanks for being awesome.

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  15. Your approach to fills - bravo and "word". (I'm a eat the amount I am supposed to at a meal, but if I am hungry---edited because I forgot a keyword--- later. I'm hungry. I eat and make good choices...well, most of the time anyway.)

  16. one of mine and hubby's best friends says "word" all the time. and he always says it when he agrees with stuff. lol it's pretty versatile. word. :D

  17. Mama Pimps don't say word. It's against our code.
    Peace out homie.

  18. panties and port show Woo Hoo!!! Yeah!!! Word !!!!!

  19. Word!!! My verification word is hootata...word!!!!