Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have decided that I will just start naming some of my posts with titles that could be misconstrued and that actually have nothing to do with my post. Fun game.

So, let us remember what my goals were for yesterday and take a peak at whether or not I achieved them.

Water. At least 100 ounces. (DONE. Haven't done this in months.)
No soda. (Tee Hee...okay. I had one diet sunkist.)
No snacking out of boredom or out of want. If I am hungry in between meals, I can choose a healthy snack. (Oops. There was a little cinnamon toast crunch incident. )
Wear my heartrate monitor during workouts. Record my calories out. (Check and check).
Keep a food journal. (Yes. Barf)
Be present in my eating. (Yes.)
More cardio. (Yes).

So, overall...I feel good. I will say that of course, all that water allows me ample time to get to know the bathroom on a more personal level. My one diet sunkist (aka as life juice) made me feel literally. I had a caffeine withdrawal, or green tea induced headache (that story will commence shortly). The cinnamon toast crunch is now gone. I burned 480 calories during my run and circuit. The food journal actually helped me realize I ate more calories than what I thought (sometimes I stop counting after 1200 just so I can say...oh...around 1200). I ate around 1800 yesterday.

So that's that.

Let us speak a moment about Green Tea.

My beautiful girlfriend suggested I started drinking green tea. You know, it's healthy and stuff. And she said sometimes it helps her not snack. Well, that's cute. You should know that years ago I was going to become a tea drinker. Not really for any reason other than I thought it would be precious to have a little tea kettle and even precious-er antique tea cup and saucer. I'm all about the glitz and show you see.

Well, I realized I hated tea. Pretty much it's like hot crappy water. I just couldnt do it. But I decided I would pull up my big girl tea drinking panties yesterday and make my girlfriend proud. I heated up some water. Put the said tea bag in. Two packets of Splenda. Commenced drinking.


Not happening.

It was terrible. So terrible in fact that I had problems swallowing and the tea actually was running down my chin onto my shirt.

True story.

But I did manage to finish at least 12 ounces.

I won't be doing that again. And as for that little nugget of a thought that it would prevent me from snacking...WRONG-O. It made me want to eat something just to douche my mouth of that damn taste.

And of course it made me revisit that infamous, age old question, asked by small children everywhere...WHY DO THINGS THAT ARE GOOD FOR YOU TASTE LIKE DOOKIE?


  1. LOL @ "hot crappy water"! I'm not a big fan of tea either...looks like we're in good company!

  2. "Douche my mouth" - that is awesome.

  3. Laugh! I'm with you on the green tea. You could try it iced and see if you like it better. My friend swears by its many health benefits. Bah.

    My word confirmation for this post is "heapooed," by the way. Might be a good misleading post title for you. ;)

  4. I used to live in Japan and would constantly get served green tea, or its even-fouler brother buckwheat tea, by people who were trying to be nice to me. And it's very hard to turn down people who are trying to be nice, so I would drink it and try to smile and usually fail. Today, I only eat green tea in maccha ice cream form.

  5. Your crazy! I love hot tea. Green tea is not my first choice, but I still like it. Welp, good luck!

  6. I knew I liked you. I have been saying for years that I would like to be a tea drinker, just like I would like to be someone who does yoga, except that I hate tea and I hate yoga. BUT, a few months ago, a co-worker was drinking a cup of something that smelled my beloved pumpkin spice latte that I had sworn off because of the sugar. She said it was a chai latte and offered to make me one. It's just a cup of brewed chai tea (I like Tazo organic chai) mixed with 1/2 cup of warmed lowfat milk and 3 packets of Splenda. The angels sang for me that day. Deeeee-licious. The spices are so yummy, and healthy too! Give it a try and see if you like it. (I personally think green tea tastes like lawn clippings. Yeee-uck.)

  7. Ice it and throw some Splenda in there.

  8. Good for you on accomplishing your goals. YAY!!

    Two statements that had me hollering for real:

    Statement #1: "It made me want to eat something just to douche my mouth of that damn taste."

    Statement #2: "And of course it made me revisit that infamous, age old question, asked by small children everywhere...WHY DO THINGS THAT ARE GOOD FOR YOU TASTE LIKE DOOKIE?"


  9. Hot tea hater here too. Can't stand it. Tastes like shite and I always manage to burn my tongue (or roof of my mouth). OK, I might not be the most coordinated person but why temp fate?

  10. GOD - I have always hated tea and everyone I work with loves the shit. The only good hot drink is HOT chocolate with marshmallows and whip cream. Tea is acky.

  11. Green tea tastes gross.

    I do drink Arizona iced green tea with Splenda and it tastes wonderful. I don't know what they do to it.

  12. I have to put at least 4 packets of splenda in and wait till its warm. Its still bull dookie but its supposed to help "reduce appetite" or some crap that skinny bitches says it does. Alas I think that any thing worth having is gonna take effort even if its just the effort to gag down healthy foods

  13. "douche my mouth of that damn taste" OMG I laughed out loud to that one, thank goodness I wasn't drinking some tea or I'd have a tea soaked laptop.

  14. LOL... Tea Party today and a pity party yesterday, what party with commence tomorrow? Anyway, I am having a pity party myself today... I didn't mention it when I spoke to you earlier but being impovished... really isn't an aquired taste... It's just not for me, and I need my ME money, which I am currently saving for "Our future"... Who needs a future when today sucks?

  15. I find I enjoy Green Tea better as iced tea. But then again, I like all hot tea so I may not be the best judge.

  16. I was going to suggest English tea, it's way better.....but I still think you'd hate it.

    On a more embarassing note....On more than one occasion now I have spouted vajay slang on your blog. How can you be friends with me?

  17. Ok I'm a stalker contemplating lap band. I thought I was a FUNNY LESBIAN but sister I HAVE CHUCKLED OUT LOUD on your posts!!!!! How do I subscribe?