Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders

 You know...I don't care much for clothes.  There are SOME practical purposes for cloth covering one's body I if I was stomping through a briar bush, I'd probably want some britches on...and apparently you are supposed to wear "safe shoes" when pressure washing...


but in general...

...I don't care much for clothes.

Not sure if you were busy in the early 2020's, but a little thing called Covid came, and if you were blessed with a job that could be done from home..."business casual" became some sort of clothing item on bottom for comfort (no one can see your lower layer clothing choice on a TEAMS call) and maybe some sort of top that looked workplace appropriate...but a bra? bahahah...toodleloo bugaboo.  

Then the day came where we had to return to the workforce, in person, and apparently bra's are still a thing. 

Let me back up.  I wore sports bras during Covidcation...but when I returned to work, I decided for wireless bra.  I have one in beige and one in black.  They are shameful at this point.  Tattered. Greyed.  They are tired.  

So this morning, I dug cleeeearrrr back in my boulder holder drawer and pulled out an underwire...

It might be a 38DDD...your guess is as good as mine bc I apparently cut all the tags out...but when I went to put that fresh and stiff sucker on...

I think someone shrunk the damn thing.  I got one hook hooked and the tightness of the band and the melons bulging from the too tiny titty cups...well...I ripped that sucker off and shoved it back in it's dark hole. 

Andddddd got the beige-grey sad sack out of the dryer.

I can't be part of the body acceptance movement AND the free nipple movement at the same time can I? Or are they one in the same?  I mean, we all have nipples.  We all have the boobies in some form or other.  Men boobies.  Lady boobies. Big, small, swinging like tube socks or perky like flowers finding the sunshine...Can't we all just accept the fact and let the lady lumps be free?

Probably not.  At least not at work.

But for those of you out there living the free titty life...I applaud you.  Let those niblets ring and your body sing (I really just wanted to rhyme there).

Also.  How do you spell titty? Tittie? You know what I mean.  And that's all that matters. 

Happy Hump(s) Day!  xoxo