Thursday, August 6, 2015

HIIT Training

This is how it goes in my relationship.  I am very wise.  I do KNOW somethings about working out & fitness that didn't come from Heather.  SO, when I share such things with a certain new "move" when we are lifting, or a new idea on how to train...EVEN if I site my sources...she usually just says:

"mmhmm.  Yeah".

She pretends to hear me, but she doesn't hear me.

AND THEN...if something is challenging for her...let's say a single-leg deadlift (bc she has the balance of a blind rhino), then AUTOMATICALLY that move is "stupid" or "pointless".



Give it a few months and she will read something or watch something that is saying EXACTLY what I said months prior and then all of a sudden....


The best idea ever I say.

And SHE thinks it was HER idea!

I tell you.

This is my life.

And if I try to say..." you remember when I told you that?"...there is no recollection of that.

ANYWAYS, so the current thing she is set on is HIIT training.  High Interval Intensity Training.  In a tiny nutshell, it's intense bursts of energy and movement, followed by a tiny, less intense move to let your heartrate come down, and then repeat.  Studies are showing that you can achieve the same amount of calorie burn and heart health (some say MORE actually) than sustained lower intensity cardio. So you can do HIIT training for 30 minutes versus the treadmill for 60.

The problem with HIIT training is that I kinda hate things that are high intensity.  My body is not made for such things.  But today we sprinted.  SPRINTED?  I prepped Heather, as if she didn't already know, that my sprinting was going to look vastly different than her sprinting.

I feel very physically challenged when my brain tries to tell my stubby legs to move fast.  It happens for literally maybe, 2 seconds.  And our sprints probably only last 15 seconds...but at the end of those 15 seconds it is probably tragic.  Heavy-footed. Eyes partially closed.  Panting like a bulldog in July.

But when it's do feel good.  Kinda.  Minus the hamstrings and lungs...everything was alright.  At least we are only do this twice a week.

Now, to share some other goings-on with you...

Almost two weekends ago we went to my parent's houseboat in Scottsboro.  They live on the Tennessee River...and this was our view for our workout.  We ran those stadium stairs up and down...50 times...for a total of 100 flights.  It took a little over an hour.  We would do sets of 5 up and downs and then do 2 body weight exercises (pushups, abs, tricep dips, etc).  It was a really great workout.

 Then it was time for my niece and brother to arrive.  I drank preeeetttty much from 11am until I had to put myself to bed at around 1030pm.  This excessive drinking has made it easier for me to abstain from drinking during this DietBet challenge.
 This is how you know HEATHER is drunk.  She sits on people and lets them touch her.  Kaity is often the recipient of such love.
 Before the day got started, Heather and I took out the little boat.  It took us about 452 selfies to get this picture...and I still got the damn boat shelf in the bottom corner!


  1. You're such a cute couple! Those workouts sound miserable!

  2. I have to go take a nap after reading about your work outs. You're a stud!

    Do you watch the TV show Modern Family? There is an episode where Phil and Claire have a huge fight over the issue of Claire suggesting things (foods, books, etc.) and Phil ignoring her advice until someone else recommends it and then he is all over it.